Class Update

This coming Saturday class is scheduled for 4 p.m. eastern US time in Mystonline:Urulive(again) (MO:ULa). Topic to be posted um, tomorrow. Right, yes, tomorrow I will post a topic.

Oh, BTW, MO:ULa is free, just download and start exploring. If you have questions, there’s a great resource at – FAQ, walk-throughs, and a forum if you really get stuck.

Also, here’s a video which shows you how to get your KI (a small device which allows you to communicate by text or voice chat, send IMs, etc.):
The KI is a must – please get it before you do any exploring!

My KI# is 418243. Class will be in UOT in MOUL’s bevin, which should be listed in the Nexus as I will be there at the time.

Due to the instability of online worlds, servers, companies, the universe, and everything, we are not mandating MO:ULa as the only resource for our class. We are exploring alternatives so we have back up worlds. Of course, this is assuming the universe itself does not implode. In that case, I think it would be safe to assume classes would be suspended indefinitely.


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