Just Write – part 2

This is not truly it’s own article but an addendum on the last one. I want to encourage you to write. Not edit, write. Writing is what you do first, editing comes later. And when you start writing, you keep writing, you don’t go back to edit.

You might think exceptions might be made for something like consistency: whoops my protagonist was a redhead in chapter one and a blonde in chapter three, but I say no – don’t go back, mark the “oops” and keep going.

How does one do that, you ask? Glad you did.

Here’s a tip given me. I’m not sure who first thought of it, but it works wonderfully. In that spot where you have a question, or problem, or need to go back and do research to fill in details, put a nice TK in the middle of it. There is no whole word in the English language (I’ve checked several online dictionaries to be certain) with the letters TK next to each other. So if you do a doc search, you’ll find all those wonderful little spots which you needed to edit.

Here’s a great article on what a first draft is supposed to be:
Rules for Writing a First Draft

Ponder that, my friends, then go write. Not rewrite, not edit, just write. When the story is finished, then you may go back and polish.

So: go to – and write!


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