Next Week’s Class

Next week, we will discuss our writing goals (along with how anyone who might be doing NaNo is faring), things which keep us from writing, and how we might keep writing – especially now with the holidays approaching and all the extra time sucked away from our writing.

If you have any questions, whether it be related to our topic or not, join us.

Saturday, 27 November, 6 p.m. eastern US time, at the Writers’ Retreat in Twinity.

And Keep Writing!


Class Today!

Don’t forget today’s Fiction Writing Class in Twinity – 6 p.m. eastern US time at the Writers’ Retreat.

Updates from all of you, I’ll answer questions on whatever you’re having trouble with, and if there aren’t questions, I do have a lesson planned. Be there to find out what it is.

And Keep Writing!

Class Today!

Are you doing NaNo? Whether you are or not, I expect you have been writing and are going to give me a glowing report of what you’ve accomplished in the two weeks since we’ve had class!

Bring updates, questions, and of course, yourself to class in Twinity, today, 6 p.m. eastern US time, at the Writers’ Retreat.

Oh, and news to share from my own writing:

My short story “Petition” is up at Residential Aliens zine!