Space Invaders

I’ve written a few posts in my time on formatting, and in starting my work on copyediting stories for RGR 2.0 I’m sure I’ll run across enough pet peeves to cause me write another. But not today.

This isn’t so much an article, or a rant, just a very satisfying “Neener!

Space Invaders
Why you should never, ever use two spaces after a period.

So there!


One thought on “Space Invaders

  1. Uh-Oh. I’m one of those who was taught two spaces, and did a LOT of nine-copy typing for my Dad. As such…and being somewhat hard-wired toward one of those “renegades [who] would use three or four spaces”…plus my mutant version of ellipses… I’m feeling fairly proud of meself for even making the effort to retool my “style” to make various flavors of red-pencil-ers happier. Sincerely, e.e. cummi…oops, tryin’ to slip into another facet there…Tink Bell


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