What I’m Up To

Greetings all!

As you may have noticed, classes in Twinity have been not happening. This was due, at first, to some glitch which did not allow me to log in. However, that has been resolved.

I still am not resuming classes, however, because of Real Life™ events happening at this time. I apologize, but I feel I must put my time and energy into my family for the next few months.

When – yes, when classes begin again, I will announce it here, in Twitter, and on Facebook.

I have a second announcement. I am re-publishing my old Writer’s Cramps articles here, so they can all be found in one place. So be prepared. One or two articles a week will be appearing in this space. If I get inspired, a new article might be tucked in, but I rather doubt it, as my schedule is very full right now.

So – despite rumors, I haven’t disappeared from the planet and am not abandoning my class forever. I shall return, and I leave it to you to decide whether that’s good or not.


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