Are Publishers No Longer Necessary?

Our world keeps changing dramatically – and the publishing world is no different.  There are varying opinions of where things are going with the publishing industry. Here are just two, from different sides of the coin:

Being a SF author, not a seer nor a time-traveler, I can’t say I have any definitive answers. I guess I’ll just stand aside and watch. When I have my next books (I have two WIPs at the moment) ready, I’ll have to make a decision. Until then,  I’ll keep writing (and teaching Fiction Writing *grin*).

What do you think is the future of traditional publishers?


Fiction Writing Classes Beginning Soon!

If all goes according to schedule, we will be starting up the Fiction Writing class through UOT again this fall in YowNow.

Classes are free, however membership to YowNow will cost $9.95 per month. If YowNow membership isn’t an interest or is beyond your means, you can still follow the classes on this blog. Every week I will post the class assignment, and students may post questions or responses as comments.

So if you wish to begin your journey as a fiction writer, hone your skills, or just have a group to keep you accountable to your goals, please join us.

As more details of exactly when classes will be, and where in-world, I will post them here. Stand by – getting ready for take off!

Just Write!

I know I’ve written about this before, and taught it over and over in my Fiction Writing classes, but it bears repeating. If you want to write, then make yourself write.

Hectic day? Too much to do? Force yourself to set time aside – perhaps early in the morning, or late at night if you’re a night owl. Find a time that you can set aside – skip an hour of television or online gaming (yikes!) and write!

What’s that you say? Even when you sit down to write, you can’t write? You just stare blankly at the screen. Well, just use the keys, press them down, engage the keyboard even if you aren’t engaging your brain – or your muse. Even if it’s dreck and you delete the whole thing, you need to make yourself write. It’s like priming a pump so it doesn’t go dry.

Other writers have said they can write about anything to keep that writing pump primed. For me, it doesn’t work well. I can write all day long, but fiction writing is different. I immerse myself in that world, I feel like I’m there. So writing other things (like this article, for example) don’t really work that well for me. I must write fiction. But whatever works for you – do it. Write. Just. . . write!