Little steps

I submitted a short story last night – I hope it finds a home, it’s a cute little piece.

One more to shop around – but I’ll have to wait till next week to look for a home for it.




I’m actually making decent progress on the one WIP. I’ve gotten a good word count in today, but many scenes are mere blocking with details left out because of research. That will expand things quite a bit if I can ever find the time to talk to the people who have offered to share their expertise.


No NaNo

I’m not even going to attempt NaNoWriMo this year. However, I’m taking the month’s challenge in an alternate form: to work on two WIPs and hopefully finish them (rough draft) – probably not before the end of November, but perhaps before Christmas.

In an attempt at accountability, I’m going to track both books on this page:

The two WIPs wherein I’m focusing my attention are DW: Stacking the Deck and Unlikely Prophet. Right now they stand at 44% and 50% respectively.

Let’s see what happens.