And so it goes

Got yet another rejection slip. *sigh*



3 thoughts on “And so it goes

  1. Sorry to hear of your rejection slip. But don’t give up. Keep working at it.

    My first book was rejected by 15 publishers before I found one with whom I could work.

    After carefully and prayerfully reviewing that book, I decided it did not have broad market appeal. But I found out I could invest a little money to hire a publisher who would charge for services then print on demand and do a good bit of the marketing. Essentially, if 400 copies sell, I make my money back and every book above 400 that sells earns me from $3-$7 per copy.

    I figure for books that have either a limited “niche market” (selling 500-1000 copies) or big sellers, this is the way to go. Conventional publishers are great for boosting your reputation (and I’m hoping to go with one for a novel I’m writing), but they aren’t the answer for every book.

    Anyway, whatever you decide, keep writing. It’s a worthy pursuit whether you reap material benefits from it or not.


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