Sword’s Edge Has Another Review, and Yes, I Smirked at the End!

I usually try to keep my private life out of my writing blog, but I’m making an exception. Today has been a tough day with some ups and major downs. My 17 year old daughter got engaged, my nephew’s wife had surgery and they found cancer. My own husband has been getting weaker, in more pain, and tonight lost his balance and fell hard to the floor. On top of it all, the second book of the “Gifts of the Elders” series has a plot-snag in it I’m trying to fix and I’m almost in hysteria over it.

So I’m trying to keep my chin up and look ahead to those little things that bring joy in the midst of worries and life-changing situations.

And then I read this: Sharon’s Review of Sword’s Edge on Goodreads

Oh happy day! I can go to sleep dreaming of writing the next book. That snag’s as good as gone!

Thank you, Sharon!


Escape April 15!

Yes, you can! On my world, there is no April 15! Escape all the headaches and enjoy some swords, capes, and adventures in Sword’s EdgeIt’s available in print and in e-book formats. You can find all the details on my website.


Fifteen-year-old Tam knows only the harshness of rigorous Ranger training at the hands of her reclusive, unloving father. Alcandhor, her clan’s thane, recruits her as a spy, but is he wise to trust an untried girl for such an important task?

Alcandhor needs to discover who the traitors are before they assassinate key leaders and start a war. Tam is perfect for the job—but will her inexperience and youth endanger not only her mission, but her own life?


Do something nice for yourself – you deserve it!

Who do you picture as the characters of Sword’s Edge?

SE_thumb_smallerI came across an interview with an actor that I had “cast” as a character in Sword’s Edge. And it got me thinking: how do my readers see my characters, and what actors might they cast in the parts?

So I thought I’d ask.

If you’d like to answer, you can reply to this blog post, or – if you’re on Facebook, you can go to my FB author page and reply there:


And hey – if you are on FB, why not like my FB page, just because, you know.

And who knows – maybe I’ll even tell you who I “cast.”


Sword’s Edge Is Here! In My House!

SE_PrintCover_sYes, yes! Really! They’re here in my house! They were delivered this morning.


It still doesn’t seem real. The dream I had which turned into this book and series happened in 85 or 86. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get this world and these people out of my head. I finally gave in and began writing the series in earnest, and it’s finally here, in print. I’ve actually held in my hands!


Sword’s Edge – in print and ebook!

SE_thumb_smallerI’m thrilled to announce that the print version of Sword’s Edge has been distributed to the various retailers and is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

So if you prefer to read a book book and not an e-book, you have that option!

What are you waiting for? Better get this one read before the sequel comes out!

And don’t forget – I’d love to see your reader review!


Tracking My Works in Progress

Since I’ve had readers ask when the sequel to Sword’s Edge is coming out, I thought I’d share a little known page on my site. I am currently working on three books, and you can check their progress here:


My Cover Artist Christy Shaffer

I just wanted to give a shout out to my friend and cover artist Christy Shaffer. She’s not only a great artist but an author as well. Check out her page on Amazon and you’ll be in for a treat!

And in case you’ve missed all my posts about Sword’s Edge, this is the fantastic cover for the book: