Sword’s Edge is in print! Order it now!

Yes – it’s here! The print version. Now you can curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea and instead of tabbing pages on your e-reader, you can turn pages with your thumb!


SE_thumb_smallerFifteen-year-old Tam knows only the harshness of rigorous Ranger training at the hands of her reclusive, unloving father. Alcandhor, her clan’s thane, recruits her as a spy, but is he wise to trust an untried girl for such an important task?

Alcandhor needs to discover who the traitors are before they assassinate key leaders and start a war. Tam is perfect for the job-but will her inexperience and youth endanger not only her mission, but her own life?

Can a lass overcome her self-doubt to uncover traitors who threaten her clan?


(Sword’s Edge is only available through CreateSpace at the moment, but within a week or so, the book will be distributed and available for order in bookstores and through other online retailers. I will, at that point, post upon it’s further availability, but if you want the print book now, as many of you have said, here you go!)


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