More Reviews for Sword’s Edge! #SwordsEdge

Yeah, yeah, I know – I’m a pain, aren’t I? I can’t help it – this book is my “Baby.”

“Sword’s Edge was very well written, it had a good plot, a nice story line, a lot of details, and characters you grew to really care about..In fact I had to stay up one night (all night) reading because i just could not put it down. i can’t wait to see what happens next.”

“This is a good, well paced story with intrigue and great plot development.  I found myself binge reading the book!  I definitely look forward to learning what is next for the main characters.”



The Part of the Hachette-Perseus Deal You Didn’t Hear About

Interesting info, and some things I hadn’t previously heard about – since all that’s been bruited about is the “war” between Hatchette and Amazon.

Sword’s Edge got another review!

Yes, I’m easily pleased. LOL

And since you have to scroll down to find the review (there was no link available to take you directly to the page’s reviews – sorry), I’m going to paste it here:


I’m not just saying that because L.S. King is a personal friend, but because the book was really great! The characters are very real, and I almost felt like one or other of them could walk into a room any moment. The situations are very realistic, whether it is the girl ending up in what was, up to then, a male’s role, or the group’s known pranksters setting up and pulling a prank. Everything seemed quite possible. I’m waiting, impatiently, I might add, for the sequel. I didn’t want the book to come to an end, ever!
I’ll have to read it again, so I can go back to their world and enjoy it another time.

Thank you, my friend, for the review!

In case you haven’t gotten your copy of Sword’s Edge yet, you can get it in all e-book formats or in print here:

Sword's Edge

How Much Polishing Before Publishing? Just Asking…

As I’ve said many times, I started Deuces Wild as a proof-of-concept for Ray Gun Revival. I only had a couple of months to throw together the universe and characters, and also develop the plots (since I needed a story arc to adhere to for continuity’s sake – can’t go back and unpublish the last three chapters because I Had a Better Idea or forgot some details) before I had to have the first chapter finished and ready for publication.

So naturally, it begins a bit rough, since I wasn’t used to writing serial novels and had to find my footing. And with only a month for each chapter, the polish time was limited. Therefore, as I write the second book of the series, I know the quality of the book will be as good, and perhaps better, than the first.

However, I’ve worked on Sword’s Edge for years. I’d submit it, get rejections, so I’d go over it again, tighten the writing, check plots and subplots, then resubmit, get rejections, go over it again. Ad infinitum. So Sword’s Edge is polished. I mean, polished!

Now I’m working on the rewrite for book two. But to get to the level of book one, do you think I should do about a decade’s worth of polishing?

Just asking.

My Hero – and he’s in Sword’s Edge

I’ve talked about how Sword’s Edge came about from a dream I had in the mid-80s. The dream had three characters in it, the girl who was secretly trained to fight, the man who helped her in her mission, and the prince she was supposed to rescue. Over the years, the story morphed, but a few things remained the same, and one of them was the man who helped the girl. In my dream, he was Guy Williams. That hasn’t changed.
One of the main characters who befriends Tam I still see and hear as Guy Williams.

Also, part of the dedication of Sword’s Edge reads: “Thanks to… Johnston McCulley and Guy Williams—for my love of capes, swords, and brave deeds.”

Guy Williams

Guy Williams was my first hero, and I think he’ll always be my best!

(Want to take a shot about which character he is? I’d love to know your guess!)