Writers Beware!

Although my writing column Writer’s Cramps (for which this blog was named) is now dead, er defunct, er inactive, I decided this was worth a very brief revival.

There are so many scams out there ready to pull in novice writers. I’ve talked about them in my writing workshops from time to time (ahhh, I’m being pulled to start them up again online… *sigh), and I’ve had people ask me questions about publishers and how to get published at some of my book signings. One question I often get is, “How much did you pay to get your book published?” I’ll give you the same answer I give them: you don’t pay publishers, they pay you!
(And there’s a difference between vanity publishing and self-publishing, but I won’t go into that now. Perhaps I’ll revive the writing column again some time to go into that!)

And now on to the blog post which was the point of this whole thing:


If you write and want to be published, you need to become aware of these scammers. One great resource is Preditors & Editors. Check them out and bookmark the site.

And good luck with your writing!


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