Sword’s Edge – It’s About…

Now that Real Life™ is giving me just a bit of a breather, I wanted to say on about Sword’s Edge, as I’ve had a few people make assumptions about the book:

It’s science fiction, not fantasy.
It’s not a “girl’s book” even though there’s a girl on the cover.
It’s also not YA, but it’s suitable for teens to read (subjective, yes, but I’m a mom and I care about those things).

It’s about a girl learning not only who she is but also learning to believe in herself.
It’s about a man who discovers that his most passionate dream, ridiculed as hopeless, might just become a reality.
It’s about secrets from the lost past – with hints of knowledge about their race’s alien mentors – coming to light.
It’s about betrayal and murder, about family and friendship, and hope.
And it’s fun.

There. I hope that’s cleared things up.

Sword's Edge


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