My Hero – and he’s in Sword’s Edge

I’ve talked about how Sword’s Edge came about from a dream I had in the mid-80s. The dream had three characters in it, the girl who was secretly trained to fight, the man who helped her in her mission, and the prince she was supposed to rescue. Over the years, the story morphed, but a few things remained the same, and one of them was the man who helped the girl. In my dream, he was Guy Williams. That hasn’t changed.
One of the main characters who befriends Tam I still see and hear as Guy Williams.

Also, part of the dedication of Sword’s Edge reads: “Thanks to… Johnston McCulley and Guy Williams—for my love of capes, swords, and brave deeds.”

Guy Williams

Guy Williams was my first hero, and I think he’ll always be my best!

(Want to take a shot about which character he is? I’d love to know your guess!)



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