How Much Polishing Before Publishing? Just Asking…

As I’ve said many times, I started Deuces Wild as a proof-of-concept for Ray Gun Revival. I only had a couple of months to throw together the universe and characters, and also develop the plots (since I needed a story arc to adhere to for continuity’s sake – can’t go back and unpublish the last three chapters because I Had a Better Idea or forgot some details) before I had to have the first chapter finished and ready for publication.

So naturally, it begins a bit rough, since I wasn’t used to writing serial novels and had to find my footing. And with only a month for each chapter, the polish time was limited. Therefore, as I write the second book of the series, I know the quality of the book will be as good, and perhaps better, than the first.

However, I’ve worked on Sword’s Edge for years. I’d submit it, get rejections, so I’d go over it again, tighten the writing, check plots and subplots, then resubmit, get rejections, go over it again. Ad infinitum. So Sword’s Edge is polished. I mean, polished!

Now I’m working on the rewrite for book two. But to get to the level of book one, do you think I should do about a decade’s worth of polishing?

Just asking.


One thought on “How Much Polishing Before Publishing? Just Asking…

  1. Nope! 🙂 You’ll find you have acquired far more skill than you realize, especially after all those years of polishing previous work. This project should progress from rough draft to finished product in a fraction of the time. (Says the writer whose current short story has taken a MONTH AND A HALF to write, but what do I know?)

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