Sword’s Edge got another review!

Yes, I’m easily pleased. LOL


And since you have to scroll down to find the review (there was no link available to take you directly to the page’s reviews – sorry), I’m going to paste it here:


I’m not just saying that because L.S. King is a personal friend, but because the book was really great! The characters are very real, and I almost felt like one or other of them could walk into a room any moment. The situations are very realistic, whether it is the girl ending up in what was, up to then, a male’s role, or the group’s known pranksters setting up and pulling a prank. Everything seemed quite possible. I’m waiting, impatiently, I might add, for the sequel. I didn’t want the book to come to an end, ever!
I’ll have to read it again, so I can go back to their world and enjoy it another time.

Thank you, my friend, for the review!

In case you haven’t gotten your copy of Sword’s Edge yet, you can get it in all e-book formats or in print here:


Sword's Edge


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