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Unexpected Cruelty

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I have just given one of my characters the worst tragedy he can possibly imagine. He has no clue how to handle it; it’s outside his coping mechanism. I honestly hadn’t foreseen this. And the planned horrific stuff I’m doing to him hasn’t happened yet. I feel a little sorry for him.


C.J. Cherryh – Writing Advice

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There’s some great advice on this page:

(This one is soooo true:

6. “Don’t drive or handle operate heavy equipment while working out a scene in your head.” Your vision may switch without warning to a spaceport dock or a mediaeval castle. This is no time to be navigating downtown or running a lathe.)


Online Release Party for Two Steps Back

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I cordially invite all my friends to Emily R Pearson’s Two Steps Back Online RELEASE PARTY!

This Friday, 11 July 2014, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. (EDT)
And I’m joining to the party as part of the Takeover Line Up from 2-3 p.m.

Find out more about Emily’s new book Two Steps Back, and hang out with me (and all the other fun authors sharing time in the party):

See you there!

Lyndon Perry and his Curious Cozy

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Tomorrow (Thursday, 10 July) my good friend Lyndon Perry going to lower the price of “Ma Tutt’s Donut Hut” (his curious cozy featuring a magical cat) on Amazon to $1.75 (normally $3.95) for a day or two.
Here’s the link:

He’s also going to be interviewed by Jeff Chapman at his blog:

Check out the interview and his new cozy!
(Personally, I’m wondering how many puns Lyndon is going to stick into his interview. *rolls eyes*)


Goodreads’ Author Questions

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Whoo hoo! Goodreads has officially opened “Author Questions.” If you have wanted to ask me questions about my books, stories, characters, now’s your chance!
*happy dance*



Getting the bad guys right

Posted in General Announcement, My Writing, Writing with tags on July 4, 2014 by Loriendil

For me, the hardest part of the story is the antagonist’s motivation. I want to make sure their rationale make sense, and the things they do. Not just arbitrary actions, but well-thought-out reasoning. And to know that antagonists aren’t always “bad guys” – they just need to be a problem for the protagonist. And even if they are “bad guys” – it’s good to remember they they don’t consider themselves such.


Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook

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I just finished reading the SelfPublisher’s Legal Handbook by Helen Sedwick. This book is a must for self-published/indie authors!

This is a book written by a self-published author who has been a lawyer for years. You can’t beat that combo!

There was lots of stuff in there I already knew (having learned most of it the hard way, but some from reading and scouring the internet – double-checking info to make sure it was legit), but there was plenty I learned as well.

I highly recommend it to all my writing friends who are, or are considering, going the indie route.