Dover Comic Con 2014

Dover Comic Con was fantastic! When I walked in the door, I saw this sign:

Dover Comic Con










I nearly cried! Oh joy!

We continued to the Artists’ Alley to set up our table. Imagine – I’m officially at a table, selling my SF books, at a Comic Con! Oh joy!² Not long after we finished settling in, the doors officially opened.

I saw Jayne Cobb first off. He didn’t have Vera with him, which was sad. As we were setting up, my son pointed out Edward Elric was there (but I didn’t see Al). A few stormtroopers strode by, and bit later I saw a Jawa. The 4th Doctor came in and set up a table right across from me (OMG!). There were several steampunkers there – it made me think of Clara from The Guild. An “Attack from Titan” mob infiltrated the Con soon after, as well as a Tusken Raider. There were also lots of Batmans (Batmen?) there. Oh have I ever mentioned how cool my pastor is? Well, let’s just say, how many folks can say they saw their pastor at Comic Com? *grin*

I have to say, there are so many fandoms now, I couldn’t recognize many of them. There were several animes that I know by sight, but don’t know by name. (I was kinda hoping I’d see L there, but one can’t have everything.)


Oh, and guess who I saw? Boba Fett.BobaFett










Mewith4and10The 10th Doctor sauntered in and talked with the 4th Doctor. At that point I pulled them out to the TARDIS to get a photo with them.










Mewith11Then the 11th Doctor showed up so I grabbed his arm and dragged *him* to the TARDIS for a pic as well.









StormtrooperinTARDISAaand this I saw this, which left me very confused. Can we say crossover? LOL










GhstbustersAnd lookee this: a ghostbuster and a steampunk ghostbuster!










Okay, there’s tons I’m missing or forgetting off the top of my head, but I’m done in for the day. Let’s just say I found my people. And it was good!


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