Delaware Authors Day – Come’n’Say Hello

Is anyone coming to Delaware Authors Day tomorrow (Saturday) November 1?
Over 30 Delaware authors will be there (including me!).
It’s from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Lewes Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall (133 Kings Highway) and admission is free.
So come on – don’t let a chance of rain keep you away!



Danger: Clueless Writer at Work, part two

So not only did my character run way with the plot (and he did this in book one, so it’s not like it’s unexpected), but another character made a major blunder. It wasn’t me, no – I blame the character! And he’s in trouble. Big trouble. With his sister. It’s not going to be pretty, folks!


Danger: Clueless Writer at Work

Developing the one subplot in the sequel to Sword’s Edge has turned catastrophic to my overall plot arc for the novel. I see no way to keep the one character from doing what he’s going to do. Totally rewrite from about 30k onward. At this point, I have no idea where this book is headed.




Guilty as Charged!

I’ve neglected my blog. I’m guilty as charged, but I won’t make apologies for Real Life™ slapping me upside the head and knocking me on my tuchus.

This new chapter in my life isn’t one I wanted or would wish for, but as I get used to my “new normal” I’m sure this blog will go back to having posts about once a week. My writing should also pick up, and although I doubt any of the three books I had set deadlines for (September, November, December) will be out when originally planned, I’m still working on them.

So with a little grace (and Grace – thank you G-d!), I’ll be chugging along soon. I’ll let you decide whether that’s a threat or a promise.