Guilty as Charged!

I’ve neglected my blog. I’m guilty as charged, but I won’t make apologies for Real Life™ slapping me upside the head and knocking me on my tuchus.

This new chapter in my life isn’t one I wanted or would wish for, but as I get used to my “new normal” I’m sure this blog will go back to having posts about once a week. My writing should also pick up, and although I doubt any of the three books I had set deadlines for (September, November, December) will be out when originally planned, I’m still working on them.

So with a little grace (and Grace – thank you G-d!), I’ll be chugging along soon. I’ll let you decide whether that’s a threat or a promise.



2 thoughts on “Guilty as Charged!

  1. Life is like a good book – there are twists, turns and challenges. But I believe our heroine will find that she develops the strength to endure and overcome as she travels her path. *hugs*

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