Danger: Clueless Writer at Work

Developing the one subplot in the sequel to Sword’s Edge has turned catastrophic to my overall plot arc for the novel. I see no way to keep the one character from doing what he’s going to do. Totally rewrite from about 30k onward. At this point, I have no idea where this book is headed.





4 thoughts on “Danger: Clueless Writer at Work

  1. Yeah, you re-write.

    But, on the flip side, who knows but what you write NOW will be better than you wrote THEN, something much more dynamic and true and engaging than what you envisioned?

    Or you’ll see ways of grafting new material to old, so that all is not lost. It’s what I did with Dragon’s Rook, and I’m a whole lot happier with the end result, when before there was a vague discontent though everything seemed well.


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