New Cover for Deuces Wild!

deuces wild - beginners luck 333x500 Whoo hoo! Thanks to C.K. Volnek, I now have a new cover for book one of the Deuces Wild series: Beginners’ Luck. She is officially my cover artist for the series, and if we can break the planetary blockade, book two Stacking the Deck won’t be long in coming!

So if you don’t have Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck yet, you can purchase it through Smashwords:
(Kindle will take up to a day to update, but you can get a mobi file through Smashwords if you don’t want to wait.)

The 2nd edition of the print book should be available “Soon.”



Not Writing but Working!

I realized I have to completely redo the timeline of the back story for the second book in the Gifts of the Elders’ series – the sequel to Sword’s Edge. So I’m doing that. Which means even though I’m not getting any word count done for the second book, I am working on it!

To quote Fred Kwan, “Just FYI.”


Heinlein on Editors

“You have to give an editor something to change, or he gets frustrated. After he pees in it, he likes the flavor better, so he buys it.”
— Jubal Harshaw

In the course of some writing work this morning, I remembered this quote from Heinlein, and I have to agree, in many cases it’s true. Yes, yes, I know this doesn’t apply to all editors; I’ve been one myself, and hopefully was never one of those, but I have worked with that sort.

Anyway, I thought it was humorous with some truth, so there you go.



GeekDad Speaks Out About Gamergate

I know this isn’t writing related, but it is very important to me because I’ve been a geek since I was a kid. I was one of the outcasts. I loved SF and horror as a kid, and went to Star Trek conventions, and had tribbles, and loved Dark Shadows and Bela Lugosi, and Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. When computers came along, I became a gamer. And yes, I’m a female.

So this article made my whole day. It should make the day of any gamer – male or female. We’re geeks. We love to game. What is the problem with that?