RIP Leonard Nimoy

I had the privilege of meeting Leonard Nimoy back in the ’70s in Detroit. He was very gracious and kind to us rabid fans. During the question and answer session, someone from the other side of the platform asked him to spell antidisestablishmentarianism. He basically just said, “Oh come on!”
I began jumping up and down and called out, “I can!”
He gave me that look with his raised eyebrow and asked, “Really?”
I nodded, and he came over and put the mike down close. And I spelled it. He stared at me for a long second with a bit of an “oh wow” look, then straightened and asked the person on the other side, “Is that right?”
The guy answered yes, and Mr. Nimoy then grinned at me and asked, “So do you have a question?”
I said that I did and asked if he remembered the Vulcan “kiss.” (Both persons touch their index and middle fingers together.)
He leaned over and held out his index and middle fingers out so that we could “kiss.”

Not much, I know, but for a teen-aged girl who adored all things Trek, it was an unforgettable moment!

I’m so glad you lived long and prospered, Mr. Nimoy. May you rest in peace!