Dragon’s Rook – Read It!

If you want an epic fantasy to read, I highly recommend Dragon’s Rook!
And I’m going to add my own review:
“Finding ways to describe Brand’s Dragon’s Rook is very difficult because phrases like ‘edge of my seat,’ ‘engrossing,’ and ‘gripping tale’ are all overused. But they apply perfectly. I was sucked into Brand’s world and didn’t want to return to earth!” (I could also add “Dang, wish I’d written it!”)

And here’s a great deal – buy it before 31 August and save! Click on the link below, choose the e-book format you prefer, then use coupon code “NQ42T” at checkout.

For the print version:



Breaking the Stranglehold

I did it! I did it! I broke past the bloody chapter that’s held me in a stranglehold in Deuces Wild: Stacking the Deck! It’s officially 62% done! Probably more than that, but that’s using 85,000 words as an estimate.

I’m on to the next point in the story arc.



Three short stories in the Gifts of the Elders series were published over the course of the last decade:

They take place before Sword’s Edge, and follow in this order, chronologically:

  • “Alternate Path” published in Deep Magic, July 2005
  • “Bitter Storm” published in Deep Magic, January 2004
  • “Petition” published in Residential Aliens, November 2010

I have compiled these three stories into an e-book entitled Alcandhor and am offering it free to all finders, birds, beasts, Elves or Men, and all kindly creatures.


Alcandhor at the Crypt

Administering Some Old “Justice”

Back in ’06, the now defunct The Sword Review published one of my short stories entitled “Justice.”

It was so well received that it was included in Double-Edged Publishing’s Distant Passages, Volume 2, their second “best of” anthology.

And now, I offer it – free – in e-book formats:


Justice Cover