Dover Comic Con 2015 – way too much fun!

So – is it legal to have so much fun? I had a blast – and it was great to share it with family and friends. Selling books was nice too, although I did sigh a few times that I had to be at my table and not just wandering about the whole day. I also went on a guilt trip because I actually had fans who came up and asked when the next books in the series were going to be out!

And I had a costume this year – it was an attempt to show off  bit of each genre in which I have books published, which might have made for a bit of confusion but I think I looked all right, and that’s all that counts!

A few highlights: Mario and Luigi were there, and several Doctors – and the TARDIS. Light and L made an appearance, as well as some stormtroopers and Boba Fett (I challenged him with my ray gun and he ducked outside – that shows what he’s made of!), Ghostbusters and steampunk Ghostbusters, a weeping angel, Harry Potter, tons of superheroes, and too many more to mention.

I have a few photos, but instead of posting them here (because WordPress and I argue too much about wrapping text), I’m putting them on my Facebook author’s page.



2 thoughts on “Dover Comic Con 2015 – way too much fun!

    • It was great seeing you too! I wish we’d had time to talk, but at least we were within waving distance of each other.
      I heard the weeping angel won the Cosplay Contest. (No surprise there!)


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