The Last Hurrah

A friend of mine (Jane Lebak) recently started a conversation about authors who dream entire stories. Most of my stories do come from dreams, but usually it’s a snip of a scene and I “grow” the story out of it.

Justice,” for example, started from a dream of an old man – he had to dive/fall into thorn bushes to avoid being trampled by a man on a horse who shouted at him to get out of the way then rode on, over a drawbridge.

The novel Sword’s Edge came from a dream I had in 1985. Without going into boring detail (some of which I discuss in another post), it involved three major characters and rescue of a prince.

However, I realized after the fact that I had indeed dreamed an entire story. Yes, a few details had to be fleshed out, but I did dream it all, including being shoved off a ledge – the vividness of which I can still see and feel with horror. The story is entitled “The Last Hurrah” and was published by The Sword Review in June 2005. It was written before I ever had a gleam in my eye about Slap and Tristan but it actually takes place in the same universe, albeit a millennium before they were both born.

So if you want a glimpse of the Deuces Wild universe from a time when Old Earth was more than just a memory, please check out the free short story: “The Last Hurrah.”



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