Writers Are Not Lazy

It’s not something I normally do, reposting other blogs, but when they’re good, I make an exception (besides it’s a way to let you, my few faithful fans, know I’m still alive).

h/t to Liz DeJesus for sharing this link first.




Writing Through Grief by Shannon McNear


This article was written by a dear friend of mine, and it expresses so much of what I feel and have been going through.

Am I writing as much or as fast as I feel I should (for myself or for my fans who have bugged, er nagged, er encouraged me to finish my current WIPs)? No.

But I’m not giving up. I feel I’m slogging through chest-deep mire at times, but I am writing. I think, I hope, the final products will be better for my having slogged.

Only time will tell.