2016 Kent County Library’s Authors & Audiences – epilogue

I had a great time at the Authors and Audiences event at the Kent County Public Library yesterday. Since I didn’t have a minion to stay at my table and acted as minion for several others, I didn’t get to hear Mindy Klasky speak, but we chatted a bit and she was so personable and encouraging.

I also got to see some friends: Christy Shaffer, Liz DeJesus, (and meet her mom – who is so lovely, now I see where Liz gets it from!), Kristen Corbett, Kenneth Straws, and Jason Mears. And it was great to see a fellow author I hadn’t seen since an event early last year: Will Hahn!

Also thanks to friends who work at the library: Kristi Rinkenberg and Hilary Welliver for all your hard work in putting this event together every year.

(And I didn’t post yesterday because I came home and crashed. I think I borrowed too many spoons! LOL)



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