The Reasoning of Antagonists

Getting into the minds of antagonists is not always easy for me. And right now is no exception.

I have characters who believe they are right, and justified in what they are doing. Is it that they cannot see (or refuse to see) that is it causing harm to [spoilers], or do they think the “greater good” is sufficient reason to allow the harm their actions are creating?

And unfortunately, these antagonists do not like to talk to me for some reason.


So question – do other writers have this trouble as well?



Children of the Enaisi …Recalculating

I’m beginning to think my estimate of how long this book will be is ummm, a little bit off.  :/

I figured it would be about 115k words. Unless threads of the plots weave together faster than I now anticipate, I think I was little hasty in my calculations.

In any event (yes, I’m using one of Tristan’s catchphrases here), the rough draft will not be done by Christmas as I hoped. But the story is advancing steadily.

To keep up with progress on the book, you can visit this page (I don’t update it daily, but try to when I know I’ve added a nice chunk to the novel):