Quotes, Easter Eggs, and Inside Jokes

 One of my favorite moments is finding a quote from one of my favorite shows tucked in as a passing comment in an article or post. I tend to laugh out loud (especially the most obscure ones because I feel good when I recognize them), then get sad because there’s no one to appreciate it with me.

 Today, while scrolling through FB (when I was supposed to writing), I saw quotes from Star Trek, Babylon 5, and Firefly. Oh, and Doctor Who. Of course, considering many of my friends are science fiction fans, as are many of the groups I belong to, I guess it’s just not that unusual. But still, it makes me happy. The ones I saw today aren’t that obscure:
“The special hell.”
“Not the One.”
“Don’t blink.”
“It’s green.”

 I also love it when someone says something innocuous but I can relate it to a fandom or some inside joke, then I hide my smile or try not to giggle because even if I explain it, they won’t find it funny.
You have to be a Babylon 5 fan to appreciate what’s funny about the “Hokey Pokey.”
To find humor in being given a restaurant pager, you would need to be a fan of the The Guild. (Fun fact: my family won’t let me hold one anymore – just because when it finally goes off I yell, “Floyd needs me!” Sheesh. Party poopers.)
Only an Alien Nation fan would understand why one might call an abusive boss “Kleezantsun.
I used to think all SF fans would know “grok,” but it seems only the older crowd do these days. Sad, that.
Of course, some shows or movies appeal to more than just the SF/F crowd; I find very few people who don’t know the source of “No Capes!”

 I don’t think I’m alone in enjoying these little inside jokes. As a matter of fact, I also tend to tuck Easter eggs or nods to some of my favorite shows or books in my writing. But I don’t know who among my readers get any of them. And that also makes me wonder, do any of my fellow writers tuck little gems in their stories? Please, do tell!



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