The Concept of Deity in My Writing

Since I overslept yesterday and got to the author event an hour and a half late, I couldn’t sleep all night long, last night. Naturally. One of the many things I mulled over during the forever of last night was the concept of deity in my Sword’s Edge Chronicles. Although I had not consciously intended it to be that way, as so often happens, it definitely fits with my own concepts and worldview of a higher being, compared to that of many cultures, past and present.

Then today—coincidentally? strange, that—I read Sarah A. Hoyt’s post “They Walk Like Men” and she explains it perfectly in discussing ancient ‘high civilizations’: “There is religion and gods, but they’re things to appease, not a dictate of good behavior.”

This describes exactly what I had been musing at about four in the morning (I have a cuckoo clock, which irritatingly mocks me during sleepless nights). I’m glad the deity touched upon in my series is one who expects a higher moral code or these books would be radically different, and not for the better, in my opinion.



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