Looking back on 2017

It’s been a wild ride this year.

So much has happened in my family. It’s not my place to say much about my children and grandchildren’s lives, but I can say I am proud of every last one of them. There has been adversity, and heartache, and tough decisions, but through it all, my “babies” (I include my children-in-law and step-grands in this as well – they’re all mine) have shown the highest quality. I pray this coming year brings them an abundant harvest with all the manure that has been dumped on some of them.

It’s been a strange up and down year for me as well. Big changes at work – struggling to fit the shoes my friend-and-boss asked me to fill when she knew she was ill and needed an extra hand at work. Losing her, and the jolt and loss that followed, but having to keep going. The pride in not only seeing our coaches rise to the challenge to keep the gym at the level of excellence she expected, but also the new owner giving his all, despite his grief, to keep her dream alive. Perhaps I say too much, am too personal, but I think it deserves to be said.

It’s also been just over three years since I lost my husband. In some ways, it’s easier. Time does that, I’m told. But that scab is still there, and gets pulled loose and bleeds. Trying to pretend the scab doesn’t bother me takes all my attention at times.

I remember how he pushed for me to get Sword’s Edge published; it wasn’t a genre he cared for, but he knew what it meant to me. A story slowly woven over time from a dream I first had in 1985. And I got it published that year. He got to see it before he died. And now, this year, book two has been published. It took a lot longer to finish than I thought it would, but you know, grief does that to you. Writing was hard for so long, a slog through icy muck up to my chin at times. So tough. Almost too tough. But, to quote from one of my late husband’s favorite movies, I “endeavored to persevere.” And I succeeded. I think he’d be proud of Children of the Enaisi. I miss him being here to tell me so. Ah well.

May you all “endeavor to persevere” and have a happy and blessed New Year.



Oh, by the way – if you like to have both the print and e-book versions…

I was reminded of a conversation recently where a reader did not know about Amazon’s Kindle MatchBook.

Just a note that all my books are enrolled in the Kindle MatchBook. What this means is if you have already bought the print version of any of my books through Amazon, or do buy them, you can also get the e-book at a reduced price.

In the Deuces Wild series, the Matchbook price for the e-book is $0.99, and for the Sword’s Edge Chronicles it’s $1.99.

Thought you ought to know (but without fainting like Professor Quirrell).



Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve!

If you’re still looking for that last minute gift for someone else or yourself, a book is always a Good Thing.

Oh yes, I know, I’ve posted quite a bit in the last few days about my new book, Children of the Enaisi, but hey, guess what? I slaved to get this book to you by “late fall.” And I made it! It was out three days before solstice, so it was officially still autumn, and yet only days away from Christmas.
My Christmas present to my wonderful readers – a new book!

Today is a day of rest for me, except for working on book three (see how I slave away trying to get the next book to you?), and my tomorrow will be a brunch with family, then Chinese for my own dinner.

What are your own plans for today and tomorrow? Is it snowing where you are? I hope and pray this season brings joy and peace to your heart, and that any burdens or grief you have encountered this year are set aside for a brief time, at least. Hugs to you all!


Mistletoe Gone Crazy!

While out and about, I saw a tree so filled with mistletoe that after my errands were done, I circled around, found a place to park and walked back to it to take photos.

Yes, I love plants and trees, and the strangest things fill me with delight. Perhaps because it’s the Christmas season and mistletoe is a part of it.

So here it is:


And no, there is no mistletoe on my world. Perhaps there is something comparably parasitic on my world, but the closest I can come is a relationship between a type of fruit called keeberries and neena trees.

Keeberries grows on vines which wrap around neena trees, due to similar soil needs. Neena trees have sharp leaves and short, twisted and gnarled trunks. The keeberry vines stunt the trees’ growth, and make them more deformed than usual. Not quite symbiotic or parasitic.

Both keeberries and neena trees are mentioned in Sword’s Edge.

And yes, since it was just released, I am going to mention that book two of that series, Children of the Enaisi, is now out in e-book.

Children of the Enaisi

Merry Christmas and watch out for the mistletoe!


Children of the Enaisi stands alone, but don’t neglect the rest of the series!

In case you missed it, the second book of the Sword’s Edge Chronicles is available in e-book!

Two authors whose work I enjoy have endorsed it:

Children of the Enaisi“This is an excellent book indeed. The characters are soundly crafted, and I soon found myself pulling for the protagonists and roundly cursing the villains. The society is complex and intriguing; the action scenes are detailed and well described. I look forward to reading the rest of this fine series.”
  – P.M. Griffin

“Children of the Enaisi has a beautiful high concept with a mysterious past of lost technology and ancient secrets. A fresh new take on Rangers that fans of classic pulp fantasy will love.”
  – Jon Del Arroz


Don’t worry, Children of the Enaisi is a stand-alone novel. However, don’t dismiss the first book, Sword’s Edge. It’s a fun tale as well, with a coming-of-age story, a siege, daring rescues, and more than a bit of humor.

But wait! There’s more!

There are freebies in the series. An anthology of three short stories entitled Alcandhor awaits you, as well as a fun snippet called “Not Good.”

All are available on the Sword’s Edge Chronicles page of my website.

Have fun and Merry Christmas!


Children of the Enaisi – available in e-book! I’m sooooo excited!!!

The long anticipated sequel to Sword’s Edge is finally out. Sort of . It’s available in e-book at the moment, and within a few days, the print version should be ready as well.

Yes, you read correctly! Children of the Enaisi is now available!

Check it out, as well as the two free stories also available for download in The Sword’s Edge Chronicles.

(If you like having the print edition, but would also like the e-book, you can save a few dollars by waiting for the print book, and then getting the e-book using Kindle MatchBook.)

Children of the Enaisi