World Con and Jon Del Arroz

I discussed my own feelings about some of the Big Cons in my last post, so I won’t reiterate them here. At the end, I gave a link to an article which gave specific information about an author who has been banned from WorldCon.

I’m adding the link again in case you missed it: Conservative Hispanic Writer Jon Del Arroz Banned from Worldcon Sci-Fi Convention

And a second link to a post by Vox Day: Three authors weigh in on Worldcon

Okay, now that you’ve read those, I’ll weigh in on a personal level:

First, not that WorldCon would give a flying flip in the wind, but I’d never attend with the toffee-nosed prats in charge who are more concerned with banning those with whom they disagree and find offensive, yet do not ban pedos, and further, dismiss and denigrate those who have been the victims of pedos.

Second, some find Jon an irritant (although he has nothing on Harry Mudd), but I’ll tell you what he is from my own experience: a good writer, and more importantly one who gives back. He didn’t know me, but graciously consented to read my book, even though, being an Indie, I’m Not a Real Writer™.

To my delight, he liked it and agreed to endorse it.  (I know! I know! How dare he validate me as a writer!*)

So, that’s the kind of man he is. A bit ornery, sure (but hey, we need a little spice now and again, don’t we?), but a nice guy. I am honored to know him.



* He’s not the only one, but I shall not namedrop in this post!



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