Dyslexic fingers, or something worse?

I’ve had more and more of a problem with my fingers not typing what my brain wants. I’ve always had what I can “finger dyslexia.” I think everyone has that: such as typing teh instead of the.

But now quite often, I have to talk aloud, or even take a word apart and say it syllable by syllable to get my fingers to correctly spell a word.

I hope it’s just fatigue or old age and not the sign of something else.

Do any other writers have this problem?



One thought on “Dyslexic fingers, or something worse?

  1. I have this problem when I’m tired, excited, some combination of these two, typing slower than my thoughts, or distracted. More often than not, frequent misspells like teh indicate that I need to take a break or wait until the next day to continue writing. Beyond that, this isn’t a terribly big issue for me. I hope the same is true in your case. *hug*

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