Favorite Word – 5 February 2022

You wouldn’t think this would be one of my favorite words, although you might well ask what makes a word a favorite word.

Good question. Sometimes it’s the meaning or maybe the scrumptiousness of the word’s sound as it rolls over my tongue.
Sometimes it’s something as fun as finding out it’s not as well known a word as I thought, which makes it stand out to me.

Today’s word falls into that category. I had no idea until I used this in stories and had folks come back and ask what it was that perhaps it wasn’t quite as well known as I thought.


I looked for a photo, but there are so many different kinds that it was hard to choose, but finally I picked one:


If you enjoy looking at furniture styles, you can see sooo many different types of settees. Just type settee into a search engine, go to images, and have fun!


(Warning: if you are hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobic, you may wish to avoid these posts. 😉)

I love learning new words myself, which is why I do My Favorite Words, and I don’t really get any feedback, but truly I’d love to know if you know the words I share, or if you’ve learned a new word. 🙂

I began reading at a young age, thanks to parents who read to me and provided me with books. And fortunately,  the local library indulged my addiction, even allowing me to take out books “above my grade level.” So it’s no surprise that my stories might have a few “big words.” I don’t consciously try to use bombastic vocabulary (by the way, I learned bombastic from a comic book, thankyouverymuch), but if a word fits the situation or conversation, I’ll use it.

If you haven’t yet read any of my books and are curious about the vocabulary therein, check out either of my series:

Deuces Wild (space opera)

The Sword’s Edge Chronicles (epic science fantasy)


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