Feeling good as an author today! I have FANS! LOL

I haven’t been able to build a huge fan base online (I guess I don’t have the skills to know how to accomplish that although I’ve tried to figure it out for years), but I was reminded with hammer impact of the fact I have a HEEUUUUGE local fan base at the Dover Comic Con yesterday.

I lost track of how many people came up to tell me they loved my novels and asked when the next one was out (some for one series, some for the other, and some—bless!—for both).

Many came up to say they bought one of my books at a previous event and wanted to buy the rest of the series.

When I had to say that regretfully the third book of the Deuces Wild series was delayed and won’t be ready for about a month (from my lips to your ears, L-rd!), quite a few said they’d be at Ocean City Comic Con to get a signed copy, and I even had some join my email list so they could get notification of the release!

I tell ya, nothing spurs an author like that sort of feedback!

I have space opera and epic science fantasy series, and here is my website for links where my books can be bought both in print and ebook:

Loriendil’s Dreamland


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