Mourning Nichelle Nichols, but Pressing On

I am beyond saddened by Nichelle Nichols’ passing. I met her back in the day when I went to Star Trek Conventions (dressed as a green Orion slave girl), and she was the most amazing and gracious woman I think I ever met! She had an air about her that was regal. Her kindness I will never forget, or the way she gently chided David Gerrold when he snubbed me during a Q&A session.
She impacted me so much, I named a daughter after her. 
I can’t say much else except she has left a supernova-sized hole in the universe.

sigh 😢

I guess I should try to bring up the tone, eh?

I hope whatever is going on in your life is positive and not negative. Good news is always welcome, so feel free to share if you wish. Hey, we can all use some uplifting, right?

And I do have good news of my own: the release date is getting closer!
Yes, 15 August is not that far off. Have you pre-ordered Deuces Wild: Raising the Stakes yet?

Here is the Amazon preorder page:

If you wish more preorder options (such as Apple, Google, or Kobo), or if you wish to get the first two books in the series to catch up beforehand, here you go:

What is the book about, you ask? Glad you did!

Who are these beings that protect certain planets?
Non-corporeal aliens or something more?
Are they…gods?

The Confederation is bent on expansion—
The rest of the galaxy calls it conquest.

And the planetary gods are fighting back.

Slap and Tristan are not only caught in the middle of this war, but old enemies still dog Tristan’s trail, plotting his demise along with crooked cops, space pirates, and local thugs.

As if that’s not enough trouble, a gorgeous, gun-toting old friend arrives, and she causes distraction at the worst possible time.

Can Slap and Tristan navigate all the danger and succeed in their mission to stop the Confeds?

= = =

I have found a few sales and freebies for you!

The ebook Molting of a Queen, a sci-fi novella by Peter J. Foote is on sale for $0.99.

Jeannette Bedard’s Fractured Orbits ebook is also on sale for $0.99.

A prequel to the Patriot Files series, Dwayne Trapper’s Holstein Hijack is FREE!

The ebook Through Stranger Eyes, a cyberpunk thriller by Chris Sarantopoulos is on sale for $0.99.

That’s all for now. Until next time – be seeing you!

🤠  🚀 


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