So proud my buttons want to bust!

In the last few years, with the generous help the Kent County Public Library, which hosts the support group, I have had the honor of being a mentor for young writers.

Unfortunately, due to COVID, the library has had to suspend our meetings for the time being. But my kids aren’t daunted, they are still writing!

This morning I received an email from one of the brilliant young people in the group to tell me she has finished the novel she was working on. It is 77k words, and she wanted advice on how to edit. This lovely, intelligent young lady has finished a 77k novel and if my memory serves me correctly, she’s only thirteen. THIRTEEN!

I cannot wait until we resume meeting – I miss all my kids, but I need to give this girl a HUG!!!



Reminder: Teen Writers Group at Kent County Public Library has been cancelled

Our Teen Writers Group hosted by Kent County Public Library has been cancelled this coming Saturday, 28 March, and also for Saturday, 18 April, due to COVID-19.

For updates as information becomes available, you can visit the Kent County Public Libraryโ€™s Facebook page and the Kent County Levy Court website at

Stay safe and healthy!


Hooks, POVs, Tenses, and Sunshine! – Teen Author Group

I think some folks decided to skip the Teen Author Group at the Kent County Public Library today because it was soooo nice outside, but you should have been there anyway. We met outside on the grass under a tree with a sassy red-winged blackbird. Some exercise was had when a big bug landed on one of the attendees, but it ended well, and no one did a Princess Bride Roll down the slope into the water!

We discussed and came up with ideas on how to create and improve hooks, and also discussed first vs third person, and past vs present tense.

Next month we’re not meeting because of various other events, such as the Sakura Mini Matsuri, however we will be meeting again on 18 May, and we will have a special guest, Irelynn Farrington, who published her book,ย The Perfect Unicorn, at age 11!

Put it on your calendar now: 18 May – don’t forget!



Lori’s Writing Nook

For several years I did an online fiction writing support group/class in and afterwards in Twinity. I enjoyed the meetings because we had avatars and could either text chat or voice chat.

But due to lots of Real Lifeโ„ข interruptions, that was put on hold.

I am now starting the group again – but with a difference. No avatars, alas, but text and voice chat is available as I will be using Discord. It is a free download or you can use it in a browser. The nice thing is, even if we’re not officially meeting, you can leave a text message that the rest of us can view at any time.

If you are interested, please contact me through my website or on Facebook, and I will give you the Discord information for my server.

See you there!


Writing Workshop at the Kent County Public Library

This coming Sunday, 15 November from 2 to 4 p.m. I’m hosting a Just for Kids Writing Workshop for ages 10+ at the Kent County Public Library. I’m excited to be able to connect with kids about writing! If you’re local and are a kid, or have kids interested in writing, contact the library about attending, as I believe there are still spots available.


Danger: Clueless Writer at Work

Developing the one subplot in the sequel to Sword’s Edge has turned catastrophic to my overall plot arc for the novel. I see no way to keep the one character from doing what he’s going to do. Totally rewrite from about 30k onward. At this point, I have no idea where this book is headed.





Greetings to my few followers!

I had intended on continuing the Writer’s Cramps column with new articles as the Fiction Writing classes started in a virtual world due to open this fall, but alas, that’s not to be in the foreseeable future.

I am, therefore, putting this column to rest until after the Christmas holidays. I’m sorry for the month-long absence without explanation.

Hopefully, I will have some news after the holidays.

I hope the rest of this year is filled with blessings and writing successes for you!