Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck – on sale through July!

Yes, I posted about another book I have on sale, but who says we can’t have more than one?

Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck is also on sale at Smashwords through the end of July, this one for 75% off!

With gangsters hot on their heels, a bereaved cowboy and cynical space pirate are forced to work together for their own survival.

It’s a fun space opera story. If you don’t believe me:

“In DEUCES WILD, L. S. King gives us a fast-moving adventure, told with wit and grace, and more than a dose of humor.”
Mike Resnick, award-winning SF author

Get this one while it’s hot!



Half-price Sales on the First Book of Each Series!

For a few more days, you can find the ebook version of Sword’s Edge on sale for half price.

And to celebrate that I’m working on the third book of the Deuces Wild series (and to try to force me to actually keep going), I’m offering Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck at half price as well.

If you haven’t read either series yet, here’s your chance to save a couple of bucks and have something fun to read.

Happy Labor Day (for those in the US), and have a great weekend!


Want a book for $.99? Get it quick before Amazon fixes it!

My book, Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck, is supposed to be $3.99. For some reason, Amazon still has it at the sale price of $0.99 even though that sale was over long ago. No other seller has it for that price. So if you don’t have the book and think you’d be interested, grab it before they change it back!

Gangsters killed Slap’s family.

They blew up Tristan’s ship.

Now the cowboy and space pirate must work together to survive the gangsters after them both. Can two total opposites put their differences aside long enough to stay alive?

Get it now and find out!


Two SF books on sale – get ’em now!

Right now, I have two ebooks on sale for only $0.99!

If you like space opera, try Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck:

And if you’re a fan of dystopian or colonization stories, Unlikely Prophet is a bit of both:

Both ebooks are available in a variety of formats.



Oh, really? Then what is space opera, Bucky?

A “thing” happened that made me chuckle. I recently had someone tell me that my book Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck was not space opera. Despite the fact it was originally specifically written as a monthly serial novel for a space opera magazine called Ray Gun Revival (not currently active, but our issues are archived here:

Spoilers if you haven’t read it:
In the first scene of the book, we have the one protagonist entering the Rocket Wash Bar, encountering an alien bartender, seeing the man in the black vest disarm a man who had a needle-gun, and be told bad guys might be after him so he should try to get off planet. Subsequently in the first chapter, we see the space port of the city, discover the local bad guys have a deal with some off-planet mercenaries, our heroes steal a light-flyer called a rover, and head for the space port to hopefully steal a ship and get off the planet before it’s too late.

Later on in the book there are space pirates, space stations, evil galactic despots, travel to various planets, space battles, and more.

So nope, not space opera at all! (To quote Jubal Early: “That seem right to you?”)

If you might be interested in “Not-Space-Opera,” the book is on sale for $0.99 till the end of this month, and in a variety of formats.


Author Nicole Ciacchella’s Deals and Steals

I like a bargain (it must be the Scot in me), so I was happy to find this author’s site and her efforts to gather and share books for sale.

I was also fortunate enough for her to include my book in this month’s Deals and Steals! Thank you, Nicole Ciacchella!

Check out these books – there’s fantasy, urban fantasy, steampunk, oh yeah, and space opera!



The genres in which I write: space opera and erm, science….fantasy?

In a conversation with another author recently, we talked about the genres in which we write. Although I write science fiction, I have two series which are vastly different. Deuces Wild is space opera, and briefly can be described as a cross between the movie (or better yet the book) Shane and the TV show Firefly. (That last is not my assessment either, but one my original editor used as comparison for the stories).

Book three is being written, and will be released in 2019, hopefully in the spring, but definitely by summer. And book one, Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck is currently on sale for a mere $0.99!

The other series has the feel of a fantasy world, with an agrarian culture, provincial lords, castles, capes, and swords. However, there is no magic, it’s just a forgotten alien technology that is beginning to be rediscovered. In trying to come up with a very short description for passersby at Cons, I finally came up with: “Pern without the dragons.” Which, if you like dragons, is very disappointing, but makes the point: Pern is not fantasy. The people came to the planet via spaceships, and through catastrophe, eventually lost all the technology they had. Eventually they began to rediscover it. (If you have thoughts on a better description for this sub-genre, I’d love to have the input, because trying to find where these books fit has been aggravating!)

So, if you like a fantasy-feel science fiction, you just may like the Sword’s Edge Chronicles. I have three books released in that series, with book four coming out within two months.

If you want to know a bit about their past, see some of the advanced tech they had at one time, and find out a little of the history, you could try the prequel: Unlikely Prophet, which is bit more “proper” science fiction with maglevs and people living in domes.


Check out Alasdair Shaw’s September Roundup of Scifi Books!

Want some great books to read? Check out Alasdair Shaw’s September Roundup of Scifi Books!

This roundup looks like it contains some great reading (and I don’t just say that because I have a book in there). Check out these offerings – I think you’ll definitely be adding to your reading list!