Happy Easter! He Lives! Aaaand – I’m Rewriting!

On this beautiful Easter Sunday, I am blessed with the knowledge that Y’shua lives, and with a gorgeous, sunny day, windows open, birds singing, a gentle breeze wafting through.

I’m also doing a rewrite of what I had thought was a final draft of Children of the Enaisi because a friend mentioned something in her read-through that made me realize I had forgotten to tie up a plot thread from Sword’s Edge. Part of me wants to pull my hair out, part of me is happy because I am writing.



And thus tumbles pride – in the first scene #amediting #amlaughing

So after a good night’s sleep, and reading some of another author’s work (because that’s how we rest and refill and reset our minds and muse – and it’s C. J. Cherryh, in case you were wondering), I returned to Children of the Enaisi to edit.

And I found a continuity error in the very first scene. A short scene of a mere 323 words. I’d fall out of my chair laughing, but that would hurt this old woman, so I’ll just sit here and chuckle while fixing the silly mess.


Yep, I’m Killing My Darlings

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “Kill your darlings.”

I’m having to do it. I realized a subplot was taking over and messing things up, so I’m taking it out. Lots of fantastic scenes with good lines and some great background I wanted to add in are now gone.

It hurts, but I know the book will be better without it.

So it goes.


A Bad Judge of Book Length, part three

So, I’m still working on Children of the Enaisi. I’ve had to up the estimate of total word count yet again to 130k, which puts it on par with Sword’s Edge. I do have the feeling it will pass that, but honestly, I am not trying to make this book longer than the first one, but things keep happening!



Children of the Enaisi: “Almost there… Almost there…”

Since I passed 115k words in Children of the Enaisi, I have had to recalculate what I think will be the amount of words in this book. So, I’ve upped it to 125k.

Which puts me back at 94%. I should be done by Friday or this weekend, depending on work and other tasks I must attend to this in the next few days.


Beta and crit readers, get ready!


The Reasoning of Antagonists

Getting into the minds of antagonists is not always easy for me. And right now is no exception.

I have characters who believe they are right, and justified in what they are doing. Is it that they cannot see (or refuse to see) that is it causing harm to [spoilers], or do they think the “greater good” is sufficient reason to allow the harm their actions are creating?

And unfortunately, these antagonists do not like to talk to me for some reason.


So question – do other writers have this trouble as well?