Oh, by the way – if you like to have both the print and e-book versions…

I was reminded of a conversation recently where a reader did not know about Amazon’s Kindle MatchBook.

Just a note that all my books are enrolled in the Kindle MatchBook. What this means is if you have already bought the print version of any of my books through Amazon, or do buy them, you can also get the e-book at a reduced price.

In the Deuces Wild series, the Matchbook price for the e-book is $0.99, and for the Sword’s Edge Chronicles it’s $1.99.

Thought you ought to know (but without fainting like Professor Quirrell).




Pssst! Guess What? Yep – it’s here!

Yes! Children of the Enaisi is now available in print as well as e-book!

Buy it, my precious! Read it! Read it! And don’t forget to write a review! *gollum*


Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck (2nd print edition) now available!

Yes, yes, finally! After several years of only being available in e-book, DW: Beginners’ Luck is again available in print! A few stray typos were fixed, and a sentence or two polished for clarity, but the big difference is the gorgeous, brand-new cover by C.K. Volnek!

Check it out:
deuces wild - beginners luck 333x500











If you haven’t gotten your print edition yet, now’s the time!

And if you want a signed copy, we can arrange that. Just contact me through my website or my FB Author Page.


Escape April 15!

Yes, you can! On my world, there is no April 15! Escape all the headaches and enjoy some swords, capes, and adventures in Sword’s Edge! It’s available in print and in e-book formats. You can find all the details on my website.


Fifteen-year-old Tam knows only the harshness of rigorous Ranger training at the hands of her reclusive, unloving father. Alcandhor, her clan’s thane, recruits her as a spy, but is he wise to trust an untried girl for such an important task?

Alcandhor needs to discover who the traitors are before they assassinate key leaders and start a war. Tam is perfect for the job—but will her inexperience and youth endanger not only her mission, but her own life?


Do something nice for yourself – you deserve it!

Sword’s Edge Is Here! In My House!

SE_PrintCover_sYes, yes! Really! They’re here in my house! They were delivered this morning.


It still doesn’t seem real. The dream I had which turned into this book and series happened in 85 or 86. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get this world and these people out of my head. I finally gave in and began writing the series in earnest, and it’s finally here, in print. I’ve actually held in my hands!


Sword’s Edge – in print and ebook!

SE_thumb_smallerI’m thrilled to announce that the print version of Sword’s Edge has been distributed to the various retailers and is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

So if you prefer to read a book book and not an e-book, you have that option!

What are you waiting for? Better get this one read before the sequel comes out!

And don’t forget – I’d love to see your reader review!