SF novel on sale: Unlikely Prophet only .99!

Something good had to happen this year, so I decided it would be a new cover for my science fiction novel Unlikely Prophet.

And to celebrate the new cover, I’m offering it for sale for $0.99.

Unlikely Prophet

The planet is dying.
Security Chief Avadhron has lost hope.

Forced to retreat to domes to escape the toxic atmosphere, and with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions threatening their lives, his people live in fear and anger. Avadhron struggles to keep order despite his own despair.

A long-dormant portal activates—
An alien arrives.

Avadhron doesn’t trust this alien or his altruistic offers of help, but the imminent destruction of his planet forces him to back the plan to move his people through the portal to a new world, rife with beauty and danger.
But can they relocate an entire population before its too late?

You’ll love this breathtaking science fiction adventure!

Get it now!