Deuces Wild: Stacking the Deck – a new review!

Ooooh, here I’ve been concentrating on the Sword’s Edge Chronicles and out of the blue someone (thank you, Reviewer! โค ) posts a review of the poor, neglected second book of the Deuces Wild series:

“I am a fan of L.S. King and I absolutely love the characters of Tristan, Slap, and Carter. I have read all of the books with these characters and can’t wait to read more of their antics. The characters are well developed and the stories are fun and captivating. I can’t ever put them down.”

If you like raygun-zapping space opera, check out Stacking the Deck!



A Sequel that Tops the Original – a review of Children of the Enaisi


I eagerly awaited the sequel to SWORD’S EDGE and was highly gratified when I finally got the opportunity to read it. The story and the characters who carry it moved forward in their history logically but with unexpected and marvelous twists and tight action that kept me glued to the pages. It is going to be difficult to rein my impatience until the next novel is released.

What a nice review of Children of the Enaisi!

Here’s the review, if you want to read it for yourself on Amazon.



Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck – New Reviews!

I was so focused on getting Stacking the Deck published by deadline, I never noticed I had two new reviews for the first book of the series posted in August! Then yesterday, another one was posted! w00t! (Thank you, reviewers!)

So if you haven’t read Beginners’ Luck yet, perhaps these reviews will nudge you to give it a go:

Reviews of Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck

And if you have read Beginners’ Luck, and liked it, don’t forget Stacking the Deck is now available in print and e-book!


Girls at Comic-Con Dressed as Rey – but Tam Is Another Strong Role Model

Little Girls Went To Comic-Con Dressed As Rey And Thatโ€™s So Important

This thrills me. To have such a strong role model for girls – this is wonderful. Rey is no damsel in distress (those really irritate me!).

Now I’m going to do something I have a hard time doing, and that’s self-promotion. I’m going to tell you that if you want to read about a strong female role model, you should get my book Sword’s Edge.

I’m going to quote from part of a new review on the book rather than try to explain Tam myself (because I’m lazy that way, and it’s nice to be able to share what others have to say about this novel):

“The main character (Tam) is an engaging, tough, complicated young orphan, with mad fighting skills. Part innocent, part smarter than a fox, she is caught in a world she was only sort-of prepared for, but with critical portions left out. Abruptly orphaned, and just as abruptly scooped up by her larger family, she has abilities that even she is unaware of, and part of the book is Tam’s discovery of that power.

It also has a neat twist on the classic fairy tale: the 15-year-old orphan girl rescues the handsome young prince, and no romance blooms. Tam, as I said, is a tough little scrapper. Just for the fight scenes alone, this book would get 4 stars. Add to that a rich and complex world, a greater over-arching mystery that leaves you hanging for the next book, a plot that isn’t afraid to up-end conventions of the genre, and smooth, polished prose, and you have this novel.”
(You can read the full review here. And thank you, Moira!)

So there you go – Sword’s Edge. (And hey, book two will be out this fall, so what a better time to read it!)


Sword’s Edge: “…a dang good yarn”

Oh boy! A new review for Sword’s Edge!

What a blast!

Sword’s Edge is a science fiction tale that reads like a fantasy, full of interesting characters, humor, surprises, and all the good guys and villains your could want, with journeys and battles and discoveries and the promise of more to come. I look forward to reading the further adventures of Tam and her rowdy Ranger relatives.

And, wow, are there a lot of them! To be honest, I lost track sometimes, but because King has constructed their names in such a way that readers know, “Oh, yeah, he must be one of the Ranger clan” or “He’s one of the lords,” she never loses us. As long as I can trust the author to know what’s going on and who’s who, I don’t need to remember every last detail about every character. I can just relax and go along for the ride.

And what a fun ride it is! My favorite characters are Haladhon and Marcalan. They’re the clan clowns, but don’t be mistaken by their smiles — these guys are deadly, too.

Recommended reading for anyone who loves science fiction, fantasy, or a dang good yarn.

More Reviews for Sword’s Edge! #SwordsEdge

Yeah, yeah, I know – I’m a pain, aren’t I? I can’t help it – this book is my “Baby.”

“Sword’s Edge was very well written, it had a good plot, a nice story line, a lot of details, and characters you grew to really care about..In fact I had to stay up one night (all night) reading because i just could not put it down. i can’t wait to see what happens next.”

“This is a good, well paced story with intrigue and great plot development. ย I found myself binge reading the book! ย I definitely look forward to learning what is next for the main characters.”


Sword’s Edge got another review!

Yes, I’m easily pleased. LOL

And since you have to scroll down to find the review (there was no link available to take you directly to the page’s reviews – sorry), I’m going to paste it here:


I’m not just saying that because L.S. King is a personal friend, but because the book was really great! The characters are very real, and I almost felt like one or other of them could walk into a room any moment. The situations are very realistic, whether it is the girl ending up in what was, up to then, a male’s role, or the group’s known pranksters setting up and pulling a prank. Everything seemed quite possible. I’m waiting, impatiently, I might add, for the sequel. I didn’t want the book to come to an end, ever!
I’ll have to read it again, so I can go back to their world and enjoy it another time.

Thank you, my friend, for the review!

In case you haven’t gotten your copy of Sword’s Edge yet, you can get it in all e-book formats or in print here:

Sword's Edge