Happy Easter! He Lives! Aaaand – I’m Rewriting!

On this beautiful Easter Sunday, I am blessed with the knowledge that Y’shua lives, and with a gorgeous, sunny day, windows open, birds singing, a gentle breeze wafting through.

I’m also doing a rewrite of what I had thought was a final draft of Children of the Enaisi because a friend mentioned something in her read-through that made me realize I had forgotten to tie up a plot thread from Sword’s Edge. Part of me wants to pull my hair out, part of me is happy because I am writing.



And thus tumbles pride – in the first scene #amediting #amlaughing

So after a good night’s sleep, and reading some of another author’s work (because that’s how we rest and refill and reset our minds and muse – and it’s C. J. Cherryh, in case you were wondering), I returned to Children of the Enaisi to edit.

And I found a continuity error in the very first scene. A short scene of a mere 323 words. I’d fall out of my chair laughing, but that would hurt this old woman, so I’ll just sit here and chuckle while fixing the silly mess.


Not Writing but Working!

I realized I have to completely redo the timeline of the back story for the second book in the Gifts of the Elders’ series – the sequel to Sword’s Edge. So I’m doing that. Which means even though I’m not getting any word count done for the second book, I am working on it!

To quote Fred Kwan, “Just FYI.”


How Much Polishing Before Publishing? Just Asking…

As I’ve said many times, I started Deuces Wild as a proof-of-concept for Ray Gun Revival. I only had a couple of months to throw together the universe and characters, and also develop the plots (since I needed a story arc to adhere to for continuity’s sake – can’t go back and unpublish the last three chapters because I Had a Better Idea or forgot some details) before I had to have the first chapter finished and ready for publication.

So naturally, it begins a bit rough, since I wasn’t used to writing serial novels and had to find my footing. And with only a month for each chapter, the polish time was limited. Therefore, as I write the second book of the series, I know the quality of the book will be as good, and perhaps better, than the first.

However, I’ve worked on Sword’s Edge for years. I’d submit it, get rejections, so I’d go over it again, tighten the writing, check plots and subplots, then resubmit, get rejections, go over it again. Ad infinitum. So Sword’s Edge is polished. I mean, polished!

Now I’m working on the rewrite for book two. But to get to the level of book one, do you think I should do about a decade’s worth of polishing?

Just asking.

Tracking My Works in Progress

Since I’ve had readers ask when the sequel to Sword’s Edge is coming out, I thought I’d share a little known page on my site. I am currently working on three books, and you can check their progress here:


Continuity Continues!

I am working on the rewrite of the whole chapter with the continuity problem. At first I wanted to bang my head on the keyboard, but I’m finding this solution fixes little minor nits that nagged me (but since never mentioned by any readers, probably didn’t bother them). I’m also getting the chance to work in more nuggets of backstory and foreshadowing.


So I guess this is win/win. If I can get this thing finished!