Reminder: Sword’s Edge on Sale for $0.99 in July

In case you missed it, or forgot: for the month of July, the first book of the Sword’s Edge Chronicles is on sale for a mere $0.99!

Treason brings a young lass’s desperate thane to her mountain home, where she is recruited as a spy. A siege, traitorous lords, and a scheme to kill her thane test her strength, her love of her kin, and her alien blood. With the help of a mysterious alien relic, she undertakes a dangerous mission. Can she succeed or will the assassins tracking her cost her all?

A powerful tale seemingly set in a world of medieval fantasy, but with roots in science fiction.

Sword's Edge

Check out Sword’s Edge while on sale, and if you like it, you just might like to catch up on the series before the next book is released this autumn!

Available in a variety of ebook formats!



July Sale on the first book of the Sword’s Edge Chronicles!

Want to get away but have to settle for a stay-cation? Why not escape to another planet? Want a bit of fun and adventure for your summer reading? Try this – science fiction in a fantasy setting of swords, capes, and castles. Add to the mix treachery, murder, kidnapping, and a lass in over her head trying to save the day. Can she?

Sword’s Edge is on sale for only $0.99 in ebook for the month of July. Normally retailing at $5.99, that’s not too bad of a savings. Might buy you a cup of bitter coffee or even a gallon or two of gas, depending on where you live.

Check out the July Sword’s Edge Sale, and then, why not leave a review at your favorite online retailer!

Sword's Edge