Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck – on sale through July!

Yes, I posted about another book I have on sale, but who says we can’t have more than one?

Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck is also on sale at Smashwords through the end of July, this one for 75% off!

With gangsters hot on their heels, a bereaved cowboy and cynical space pirate are forced to work together for their own survival.

It’s a fun space opera story. If you don’t believe me:

“In DEUCES WILD, L. S. King gives us a fast-moving adventure, told with wit and grace, and more than a dose of humor.”
Mike Resnick, award-winning SF author

Get this one while it’s hot!



Unlikely Prophet – half price through July!

Unlikely Prophet, the prequel to my Sword’s Edge Chronicles series is on sale, only at Smashwords.

The planet is dying.
Security Chief Avadhron has lost hope.

Forced to retreat to domes to escape the toxic atmosphere, and with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions threatening their lives, his people live in fear and anger. Avadhron struggles to keep order despite his own despair.

A long-dormant portal activates—
An alien arrives.

Avadhron doesn’t trust this alien or his altruistic offers of help, but the imminent destruction of his planet forces him to back the plan to move his people through the portal to a new world.

What dangers await on the new planet? Can they move an entire population before their world destroys itself?

I truly think you’ll love this breathtaking science fiction adventure!

Give it a go!

And if you do like it, please spread the word!




Looking for a book or two during lockdown? I’ve got half-price books!

To check out both series, click the link above to go to my website. The books on sale are listed in the NEWS column on the right.

Or to just buy the books, click the links below:

Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck
Sword’s Edge



Half-price Sales on the First Book of Each Series!

For a few more days, you can find the ebook version of Sword’s Edge on sale for half price.

And to celebrate that I’m working on the third book of the Deuces Wild series (and to try to force me to actually keep going), I’m offering Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck at half price as well.

If you haven’t read either series yet, here’s your chance to save a couple of bucks and have something fun to read.

Happy Labor Day (for those in the US), and have a great weekend!


Check Out the CLFA Dragon Con 2019 Book Bargains!

Dragon Con 2019 is coming up this weekend, and to celebrate, some CLFA authors have banded together to offer sales on some of their titles!

If you’re looking for some good deals and great SFF, then you really need to check out the CLFA Dragon Con 2019 Book Bargains!


Laws and Prophecies – book three of the Sword’s Edge Chronicles Available Now!

Yes, finally, after many delays, it has happened! Laws and Prophecies is now available!

Thane Alcandhor is assailed from all sides: treason within his clan, conspiracies from kin, and turmoil due to the return of the aliens known as the Enaisi. When hit by a final onslaught—rebellion by provincial lords threatening to set up their own despotic princedoms, Alcandhor is forced to choose between upholding their laws and fulfilling ancient, haunting prophecies.

Laws and Prophecies cover

Laws and Prophecies…is indeed concerned with the details of laws and prophecies, which fundamentally affect every citizen. I would call it a novel of manners, where social and legal interpretations are essential… [t]here is indeed more to science fiction than pyrotechnics.”
Piers Anthony

 “I liked the novel very much. King covered a lot of territory and brought on a number of situations darkly hinted at in the earlier books.”
P.M. Griffin

This is book three of the Sword’s Edge Chronicles, and I do highly recommend you read these books in order:
Sword’s Edge
Children of the Enaisi

To get you started, I am offering book one, Sword’s Edge, at half-price in ebook format.

It also wouldn’t hurt to read Unlikely Prophet, the prequel which takes place 1000 years earlier, as it will give further insight to various events in the series. Just a suggestion.




Want a book for $.99? Get it quick before Amazon fixes it!

My book, Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck, is supposed to be $3.99. For some reason, Amazon still has it at the sale price of $0.99 even though that sale was over long ago. No other seller has it for that price. So if you don’t have the book and think you’d be interested, grab it before they change it back!

Gangsters killed Slap’s family.

They blew up Tristan’s ship.

Now the cowboy and space pirate must work together to survive the gangsters after them both. Can two total opposites put their differences aside long enough to stay alive?

Get it now and find out!


Two SF books on sale – get ’em now!

Right now, I have two ebooks on sale for only $0.99!

If you like space opera, try Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck:

And if you’re a fan of dystopian or colonization stories, Unlikely Prophet is a bit of both:

Both ebooks are available in a variety of formats.