My work in progress has finally shown me what was missing!

It is amazing to me, still, how I can have a nebulous idea for a novel’s story arc and really know very little about what is happening other than some few scenes which start me off or stick in my head although I cannot connect them directly to the action.

But I start writing, and it falls into place. Although, yes, at times I am stalled. Something’s not right. Some call this writer’s block. I call it a snag. I need to backtrack, I need to let the story rest while the whatever-is-wrong or whatever-is-missing simmers in my back brain until it resolves itself.

This book, the as-of-yet-unnamed third book of the Deuces Wild series, has been unusually secretive in revealing its mysteries to me. But the big connecting piece of the puzzle dropped into my lap two days ago, and I’m astonished and gleeful and ready to go forward!

I can now say the overall tapestry of the book is set, I just need to weave it into being.

I can’t guarantee a detail or twenty might not cause me to pause a bit, trying to figure out how to tuck wayward threads into the fabric of the story, but if I can keep going, I will have the rough draft done hopefully before autumn!


Do I go a little bit overboard?

I went into Sims 3 and created the house that Slap and Tristan are staying in on the planet Zenos at the beginning of Deuces Wild #3 (as yet unnamed). I can tell you the exact location of the kitchen, great room – dining room at the front, living room at the back, bathrooms, stairs to the roof, bedrooms, Tristan’s study, etc.

I have the floor plan of their next ship. I wonder if I should build it in Sims 3 as well. Hmm, I’ll think about it.

That’s not at all obsessive or anything, is it?

Aside: I’m on chapter three, and finally making headway! And with that – it’s a perfect time to start the series. Book one, Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck, is half-price right now.


Deuces Wild book three is launching into orbit!

Over 4k words written today in Deuces Wild #3 (as yet untitled)!

It’s the perfect time get started on the series with book three due to be released in the first half of 2019, and right now the first book, Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck is on sale for only $0.99!



Rough draft done of Laws and Prophecies – book three of the Sword’s Edge Chronicles

Now for the hard work – polishing that baby until it shines and checking for continuity errors, typos, and awaiting the verdict from My Physicistβ„’.

Within a few months (tentative deadline is autumn equinox) I hope the book will be out.

If you’ve not yet read The Sword’s Edge Chronicles, now is a great time to start, not only because you’ll have books one and two plus the prequel to plow through before book three is out, but right now, the first book of the series,Β Sword’s Edge, is on for $0.99!
(How’s that for a run-on sentence? πŸ˜€ )

Sword's Edge


Turning to the Dark Side – Again

In order to know what’s going to happen in DW3, I have to know what the bad guys are up to. So here comes the process of getting into the bad guys’ heads. I always despise this part of the process; I feel icky afterwards, like I need a shower.

Does anyone else have a problem with getting inside the minds of their bad guys and having to think like they do?


WIPs – Progress, Slowly but Surely

I am actively working on three books at the moment. The third book in each of my two series, Deuces Wild and Sword’s Edge Chronicles, and also Unlikely Prophet, the prequel to Sword’s Edge, which takes place approximately one thousand years prior.

To peek at progress, you may visit my WIP page.


Happy Easter! He Lives! Aaaand – I’m Rewriting!

On this beautiful Easter Sunday, I am blessed with the knowledge that Y’shua lives, and with a gorgeous, sunny day, windows open, birds singing, a gentle breeze wafting through.

I’m also doing a rewrite of what I had thought was a final draft of Children of the Enaisi because a friend mentioned something in her read-through that made me realize I had forgotten to tie up a plot thread from Sword’s Edge. Part of me wants to pull my hair out, part of me is happy because I am writing.


And thus tumbles pride – in the first scene #amediting #amlaughing

So after a good night’s sleep, and reading some of another author’s work (because that’s how we rest and refill and reset our minds and muse – and it’s C. J. Cherryh, in case you were wondering), I returned to Children of the Enaisi to edit.

And I found a continuity error in the very first scene. A short scene of a mere 323 words. I’d fall out of my chair laughing, but that would hurt this old woman, so I’ll just sit here and chuckle while fixing the silly mess.