Update on What’s Happening with my WIP

Just gotta say for starters, Ocean City Comic Con yesterday was amazing!
If I were younger, I’d still be on an adrenaline high. LOL

Today however, I want to tell you, my readers, that book four of the Sword’s Edge Chronicles is being written even if you haven’t seen the word count go up on my website.

I am having to *write* backstory that’s been in my head in a nebulous form for years in order to guarantee it meshes with what will happen in as-yet-unnamed SEC4.

And not just backstory of some of the current characters, but I have to go back to the BeforeTime—before the cataclysmic war of Mattan’s younger years.


Author Faces Daunting Conundrum! Can She Overcome Overwhelming Odds?

The third book of the Deuces Wild series is formatted for print, but I am still pondering chapter titles for the last five chapters.

I don’t want to do the ebook formatting until I get the chapters named. So here I am, staring at my computer screen, mind blank.

Such is the life of a writer.


Feeling good as an author today! I have FANS! LOL

I haven’t been able to build a huge fan base online (I guess I don’t have the skills to know how to accomplish that although I’ve tried to figure it out for years), but I was reminded with hammer impact of the fact I have a HEEUUUUGE local fan base at the Dover Comic Con yesterday.

I lost track of how many people came up to tell me they loved my novels and asked when the next one was out (some for one series, some for the other, and some—bless!—for both).

Many came up to say they bought one of my books at a previous event and wanted to buy the rest of the series.

When I had to say that regretfully the third book of the Deuces Wild series was delayed and won’t be ready for about a month (from my lips to your ears, L-rd!), quite a few said they’d be at Ocean City Comic Con to get a signed copy, and I even had some join my email list so they could get notification of the release!

I tell ya, nothing spurs an author like that sort of feedback!

I have space opera and epic science fantasy series, and here is my website for links where my books can be bought both in print and ebook:

Loriendil’s Dreamland


Author Woes

In order to keep from creating a bunch of continuity errors, I am going to have to reread all three books of the Sword’s Edge Chronicles: Sword’s Edge, Children of the Enaisi, and Laws and Prophecies. And Unlikely Prophet as well and take copious notes.

Why, you ask? I’m starting the sequel to Unlikely Prophet, and also the next book in the Sword’s Edge Chronicles.


Dyslexic fingers, or something worse?

I’ve had more and more of a problem with my fingers not typing what my brain wants. I’ve always had what I can “finger dyslexia.” I think everyone has that: such as typing teh instead of the.

But now quite often, I have to talk aloud, or even take a word apart and say it syllable by syllable to get my fingers to correctly spell a word.

I hope it’s just fatigue or old age and not the sign of something else.

Do any other writers have this problem?



Dear Character…

Thank you very much, Dear Character, for your innovative and completely unexpected action. It did solve a dilemma quickly, decisively, and, in my opinion anyway, humorously.

However, you have now totally messed up my plot arc, and I must really twist things to make happen what must happen.

Next time, perhaps you could consult with me first?

🤪 🙄

Deuces Wild book three – more than halfway done!

The as-yet unnamed Deuces Wild book three is officially past the halfway mark at 41983 / 80000 words.

Of course this is assuming 80k words as the final count.

BUT! It’s a milestone and I’m just a bit pleased with myself. Lots of things are going on In Real Life™ that have battered my brain and heart to pieces, and yet somehow, I’m managing to write.

I think that’s good.


And, don’t forget, book one, Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck, is on sale through Smashwords for 75% off through July!


My work in progress has finally shown me what was missing!

It is amazing to me, still, how I can have a nebulous idea for a novel’s story arc and really know very little about what is happening other than some few scenes which start me off or stick in my head although I cannot connect them directly to the action.

But I start writing, and it falls into place. Although, yes, at times I am stalled. Something’s not right. Some call this writer’s block. I call it a snag. I need to backtrack, I need to let the story rest while the whatever-is-wrong or whatever-is-missing simmers in my back brain until it resolves itself.

This book, the as-of-yet-unnamed third book of the Deuces Wild series, has been unusually secretive in revealing its mysteries to me. But the big connecting piece of the puzzle dropped into my lap two days ago, and I’m astonished and gleeful and ready to go forward!

I can now say the overall tapestry of the book is set, I just need to weave it into being.

I can’t guarantee a detail or twenty might not cause me to pause a bit, trying to figure out how to tuck wayward threads into the fabric of the story, but if I can keep going, I will have the rough draft done hopefully before autumn!


Do I go a little bit overboard?

I went into Sims 3 and created the house that Slap and Tristan are staying in on the planet Zenos at the beginning of Deuces Wild #3 (as yet unnamed). I can tell you the exact location of the kitchen, great room – dining room at the front, living room at the back, bathrooms, stairs to the roof, bedrooms, Tristan’s study, etc.

I have the floor plan of their next ship. I wonder if I should build it in Sims 3 as well. Hmm, I’ll think about it.

That’s not at all obsessive or anything, is it?

Aside: I’m on chapter three, and finally making headway! And with that – it’s a perfect time to start the series. Book one, Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck, is half-price right now.