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Sword’s Edge Chronicles

SE_front 2nd Edition 166 by 248Ripped from her home…
…recruited as a spy.

Can Tam successfully pose as a servant and discover which of the lords is a traitor? If she fails, not only will her family die, but their world will be thrown into chaos.

Tragedy strikes –
Tam’s world crumbles.

Amidst grief, she must undertake a dangerous rescue mission, aided by a mysterious alien relic. Can this young lass succeed or will the assassins at her heels cost her all?


CotE 2nd_ebook_166 by 248

The Children of the Enaisi are set apart from their people for possessing unique abilities from their alien ancestors.

For Marcalan this is a curse, as he carries a secret that could change his life forever.

Nandhal forsakes his vows and kin to ally himself with fugitives, using his talents for evil.

And Tam’s gifts could restore long-lost knowledge, but will it bring turmoil to their entire way of life?


LP 2nd_ebook 166 by 248Thane Alcandhor is assailed from all sides: treason within his clan, conspiracies from kin, and turmoil due to the return of the aliens known as the Enaisi.

When hit by a final onslaught—rebellion by provincial lords threatening to set up their own despotic princedoms, Alcandhor is forced to choose between upholding their laws and fulfilling ancient, haunting prophecies.


SEC_banner 476 by 250

The first three books of the Sword’s Edge Chronicles: Sword’s EdgeChildren of the Enaisi, and Laws and Prophecies are now available in one ebook omnibus edition!


Unlikely Prophet, a prequel which takes place over 1000 years before Sword’s Edge:

UP 2nd Edition front cover 166 by 248Their planet is dying. His people have lost hope. Security Chief Avadhron struggles to keep order despite his own despair. When a long-forgotten portal opens, an alien arrives claiming he wishes to help. The planet extended as a safe haven offers life to Avadhron and his people, but can they cross to their new home before their own kills them all?

What dangers await them on this unfamiliar world? And what lies behind the alien’s altruism?

 Deuces Wild

DWBL_xsAll Slap ever wanted was his ranch and family. The gangster Lyssel destroyed all that, leaving only charred remains. Tristan wanted nothing; he had no expectations from life and trusted no one.
The cowboy and space pirate discover they are hunted by a common enemy: Lyssel. Able only to trust each other against this gangster and his mob, the two are forced to work together. But how can two such total opposites ever make their alliance work?

= = =

DW2_ebook_xsWith their enemy, the Mordas, destroyed, Slap and Tristan decide to use their cargo ship to do honest business. Joined by their old engineering friend Carter and picking up a sales rep as a passenger, they quickly find the Confederation, a corrupt galactic government, still unhealthily interested in them.

A dangerous enemy from Tristan’s past joins forces with the Confeds while Tristan is forced to take on a job that just might get them all killed.

= = =

DW3_ebook_166 by 245

Old enemies still dog Tristan’s trail, plotting his demise along with crooked cops, space pirates, and local thugs. And as if that’s not enough trouble, a gorgeous, gun-toting old friend arrives and causes distraction at the worst possible time.

But even more dangerous is the fact that the Confederation is gunning for Tristan, and planetary ‘gods’ are determined to enlist Slap and Tristan to stop the Confeds.

Can Slap and Tristan navigate all the danger and succeed in their mission to stop the Confeds?