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Yesterday’s Author Showcase at the Appoquinimink Public Library

I saw some old (as in knew them a long time, not a reference to age LOL) writing friends yesterday and met some fascinating new authors as well at the Appoquinimink Library Authors Showcase!

My table was right next to my buddy, J.L. Jackola. 🙂
If you like Fantasy Worlds with Heart (she writes everything from sweet to spicy fantasy romance) check out her work, you will not be disappointed!

A mother/daughter writing team presented their book, Goodness Gracious Golly Gee: I Forgot My Christmas Tree!
It’s a fun book for young children with lessons about family love and seasonal traditions being more important that the material things one receives at Christmas.

Long-time writing buddy Leon Opio was there, and it was great getting to chat with him for a bit. Usually, we’re at our tables at an event and only get to wave to each other! He’s eclectically talented, being the author of adult horror, YA fantasy & children’s books and a mixed media artist of superhero and fantasy genres.

John Riddle, author of 34 books (if I remember correctly) and founder of I Love To Write Day was there. I had been in contact with him years ago, and he encouraged me in the craft. It was great to see him!
Here’s his Amazon author page:

I had the pleasure of meeting Noel Williamson yesterday too. He is the author of Job Loss Applesauce, where he talks about losing multiple jobs due to outsourcing or job cuts, and how to trust G-d and find comfort in such circumstances. He has also written two other books: Love is Like a Bag of Popcorn, and A Salad Bowl of Wisdom: Life Advice from a Diverse Group of Adults.

Children’s book author Leigh Ann Hughes was there to share her book Cob and the Kingdom.
Would you trust a fire-breathing dragon? Perhaps in Leigh Ann’s book, you might! Find out!

Motivational speaker Tanerra Willis proved she is motivational in her short talk yesterday.
She also shared the books inspired by her young son’s imagination, such as: The Amazing Wethead’s 1st Adventure and her book Memoirs of Almost Barren Women: Our Journey to Motherhood.
To find out more about her books, speaking opportunities, and more, check out her website:

The absolutely amazing Gloria Godson personally gave me a spiritual and emotion boost yesterday.
She is licensed clinical pastoral counselor, author, radio broadcaster, and Bible teacher. She shared the children’s story she wrote and that her daughter illustrated entitled The Colt Story (the illustrations are well done and adorable). She has written other books, such as W.H.O.L.E: 5 Practical Steps To Wholeness in Spirit, Soul, And Body and Choosing a Life of Victory.
You can see all she has to offer on her website:

I also met the amazing WA Simpson yesterday. She has written a book that riffs off “The Tinderbox” by Hans Christian Andersen. It’s called Tinderbox: First Book in the Tales from the Riven Isles. It sounds amazing, and I really can’t wait to read it! The second book in the series will be out soon and is called Tarotmancer. You can pre-order it on her website:

Ethan Fink amazed us with his talent, imagination, and spunk. In seventh grade (he’s now a seasoned author who is a freshman in high school), he wrote, illustrated, and published his first book, Digger the Dog.
He now has four books published, including one which addresses those with disabilities, and another for those with special needs.
If this kid has done this much at this age, keep an eye on him! He’s going places!
Here is the link to his books on Amazon:

I think I’ve mentioned all the authors who were present. It was a bit hectic, and we were all milling about after the presentations chatting with each other when not selling our own books. For anyone who was there, if I forgot anyone, please bring it to my attention, and I’ll fix it!

Sorry the photo is fuzzy, but I hurried myself.


Update on What’s Happening with my WIP

Just gotta say for starters, Ocean City Comic Con yesterday was amazing!
If I were younger, I’d still be on an adrenaline high. LOL

Today however, I want to tell you, my readers, that book four of the Sword’s Edge Chronicles is being written even if you haven’t seen the word count go up on my website.

I am having to *write* backstory that’s been in my head in a nebulous form for years in order to guarantee it meshes with what will happen in as-yet-unnamed SEC4.

And not just backstory of some of the current characters, but I have to go back to the BeforeTime—before the cataclysmic war of Mattan’s younger years.


This is a first! *author faints*

While scrolling through FB, I saw a lovely shot of a woman relaxing in her back garden reading a book.

Then I did a doubletake: It was one of my books!

Stephanie_McGee DW

If this keeps up, I might actually consider myself enough of an author to have Imposter Syndrome! 😉

(BTW, the ebook version of the novel she’s reading, Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck, is still on sale for $0.99!)


Space Opera ebook on sale for only $0.99!


To celebrate book three of the Deuces Wild series: Raising the Stakes, the ebook version of book one, Beginners’ Luck, is on sale this month for only $0.99!

Because, hey, if you haven’t read the first book, that’s probably a good place to start the series.  😎

To get book one, or any of the books in the series, just check out my page with links to all the books in various formats:


Deuces Wild is going wild!

Slap and Tristan get caught in the middle of a war between a galactic government and planetary gods, and Tristan’s past catches up with him in more ways than one in Raises the Stakes, book three of the Deuces Wild series.

And hey, if you haven’t read the series yet, might I suggest backing up and starting with book one, Beginners’ Luck?
Take a gander:

The print and all the ebook options for all three books in the series are listed on the website page above!