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The Lord of the Rings is anti-racist – Brad Watson

When the recent article popped up online accusing Prof. Tolkien of being racist, the subject was discussed within a group on Facebook. Some of the insights were wonderful, and one in particular caught my attention.

I gained permission from that poster to share his thoughts:

One of the core themes of The Lord of the Rings is the co-operation of diverse races to defeat evil & lay the groundwork for a new future. Dwarves & Elves, in particular, must overcome a bitter history. Gimli’s adoration of Galadriel & his related friendship with Legolas symbolizes a rich new fellowship based on racial forgiveness.

Other key relationships include Merry’s vassalage to Theoden & then Eomer; Pippin’s homage to Denethor & then Faramir, culminating in Aragorn’s lordship over Pippin; Merry & Pippin’s friendship with Treebeard & Quickbeam; Aragorn’s fosterage under Elrond; his friendship with Elladan & Elrohir; his love for & marriage to Arwen; and Bilbo’s many friendships with Elves & Dwarves & Men. All of these relationships involve love, friendship & loyalty between people of different Races.

Another obvious aspect of Tolkien’s world is the way he celebrates the unique gifts & accomplishments of the different cultures of Middle-earth. The hard work & superb craftsmanship of the Dwarves, the horsemanship of the Rohirrim, the swordsmiths of Rivendell, the cloaks of Lorien, the beer & cooking of Hobbits, the Citadel of Gondor: All represent the distinct achievements of unique cultures capable of existing harmoniously.

The Lord of the Rings is anti-racist in a way few on the modern Left know how to be.

– Brad Watson

Thank you, Brad, for allowing me to share your post.




Brandon Barr: Father, husband, friend, author. #BrandonsBuddies

USA Today Bestselling Author Brandon Barr is facing his final days battling leukemia. For details about his fight, his books, and more, please visit this page: Brandon Barr: Father, husband, friend, author.


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The “heart stopping” novel Unlikely Prophet is on sale!

Unlikely Prophet, the prequel to the Sword’s Edge Chronicles is on sale for only $0.99.

This novel is unlike the others in the series, taking place on another planet, one in the throes of destroying itself. The people have retreated to living in domes, in constant fear of an earthquake or volcanic eruption ending their existence. The long-dormant portal activates, and an alien arrives offering hope. Despite their fears, few are willing to risk all to such a drastic scheme. One man becomes the force to impel his people to flee to safety before it’s too late.

“…heart stopping…”
P.M. Griffin

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Oh, really? Then what is space opera, Bucky?

A “thing” happened that made me chuckle. I recently had someone tell me that my book Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck was not space opera. Despite the fact it was originally specifically written as a monthly serial novel for a space opera magazine called Ray Gun Revival (not currently active, but our issues are archived here: https://www.scribd.com/lists/2346954/Ray-Gun-Revival-publications).

Spoilers if you haven’t read it:
In the first scene of the book, we have the one protagonist entering the Rocket Wash Bar, encountering an alien bartender, seeing the man in the black vest disarm a man who had a needle-gun, and be told bad guys might be after him so he should try to get off planet. Subsequently in the first chapter, we see the space port of the city, discover the local bad guys have a deal with some off-planet mercenaries, our heroes steal a light-flyer called a rover, and head for the space port to hopefully steal a ship and get off the planet before it’s too late.

Later on in the book there are space pirates, space stations, evil galactic despots, travel to various planets, space battles, and more.

So nope, not space opera at all! (To quote Jubal Early: “That seem right to you?”)

If you might be interested in “Not-Space-Opera,” the book is on sale for $0.99 till the end of this month, and in a variety of formats.


Author Nicole Ciacchella’s Deals and Steals

I like a bargain (it must be the Scot in me), so I was happy to find this author’s site and her efforts to gather and share books for sale.

I was also fortunate enough for her to include my book in this month’s Deals and Steals! Thank you, Nicole Ciacchella!

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