Sword’s Edge – half price!

The first book of the Sword’s Edge Chronicles is on sale right now—half price. Only $2.99 for the ebook.

Ripped from her home…
…recruited as a spy.

Can Tam successfully pose as a servant and discover which of the lords is a traitor? If she fails, not only will her family die, but their world will be thrown into chaos.

Tragedy strikes—
Tam’s world crumbles.

Amidst grief, she must undertake a dangerous rescue mission, aided by a mysterious alien relic.
Can this young lass succeed or will the assassins at her heels cost her all?

You’ll love this epic fantasy—it’s science fiction with a twist!

It’s available in various ebook formats.

Get it now!


Author Woes

In order to keep from creating a bunch of continuity errors, I am going to have to reread all three books of the Sword’s Edge Chronicles: Sword’s Edge, Children of the Enaisi, and Laws and Prophecies. And Unlikely Prophet as well and take copious notes.

Why, you ask? I’m starting the sequel to Unlikely Prophet, and also the next book in the Sword’s Edge Chronicles.


Sword’s Edge Review – “a reverse Star Wars”

Sword’s Edge—the first book of the Sword’s Edge Chronicles—was just reviewed in Jimbo’s Awesome SFF Reviews.

And guess what? Hey Mikey—he likes it!

He says it’s rather a reverse Star Wars.


Well, read the review and find out!

He also has links on his page to Sword’s Edge and the omnibus as well, so if the review sparks an interest, you can easily pick up the one or the other.


From a reader: “Storytelling is an art… This author has that ability…”

As an author I know I need to promote my books, but it’s very difficult for me. However, I’m going to give it a go:

A very nice man named Jim came up to my table at Dover Comic Con several years ago and bought one of my books. He recently posted about the experience and about reading said book. Needless to say, his post made my day! 

Jim has kindly given me permission to share what he wrote:

I drink in books all the time.  Have been for years.  Mostly audiobooks while driving and working.  I have consumed just about all the Sci-Fi masters. . . Niven, Heinlein, Asimov, you name it.  Also all the the Tom Clancy, Terry Pratchett, Vince Flynn and many other authors (their entire works mind you).

A few years back, Rox and I went to check out the local Comicon and as we were leaving, in a small little tent, I saw some books and stopped.  I took a look and talked with this lady who said she was from Felton, De and she was an author and I was looking at her books.

I learned something from Mike DiMaio and simply asked her to suggest one and I bought it [Sword’s Edge].   I wanted to support a local author and she was kind enough to sign that book for me.

A few months later I found the book and decided to give it a read which is very rare for me.   I don’t have the free time to JUST read a book (I listen to a book and drive or work etc).  But I started reading.

As you can see [photo not included] I have a collection of books from this author, and I think most of them are signed by the author as I have stopped by every year and bought a new book or two.

This series is more young adult fantasy.  Not normally my selection when I like more of the Ringworld stuff.   But when someone knows how to story tell . . .to use adjectives and plots and creatively create a entire new world and describe it while telling a story. . .is an art.

This author has that ability, and as you can see, I am finding time each night to read a chapter or two because now that I have started I keep wanting to know where the story is going to go (the crack cocaine of the art).

… A lot of you have kids and I do not need to explain the value of reading to anyone.  I thought you all might like to know about this author and her works.   Considering she is on par with some of the masters of this art but the subject is more young adult (age appropriate).

L. S. King – Thought you should see this, and thank you for the escape!!!!!!!

(Addendum from me: the first book, Sword’s Edge, is a coming-of-age story so yes, could be considered Young Adult. The whole series, however, isn’t YA, although I do try to keep things family friendly.)


Looking for a book or two during lockdown? I’ve got half-price books!

To check out both series, click the link above to go to my website. The books on sale are listed in the NEWS column on the right.

Or to just buy the books, click the links below:

Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck
Sword’s Edge



Half-price Sales on the First Book of Each Series!

For a few more days, you can find the ebook version of Sword’s Edge on sale for half price.

And to celebrate that I’m working on the third book of the Deuces Wild series (and to try to force me to actually keep going), I’m offering Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck at half price as well.

If you haven’t read either series yet, here’s your chance to save a couple of bucks and have something fun to read.

Happy Labor Day (for those in the US), and have a great weekend!


New Review of Sword’s Edge!

Sword’s Edge just received another review!

[5 stars] Great story! Can’t wait to read the rest of the series!
I stayed up until 2:30 am last night reading the to the end of Sword’s Edge. Great book? I loved it. I had to go online and order the rest of the books in the series. I won’t be getting much sleep once they get here!


And right now, the ebook is half price!


CLFA Book Sale! Get ready for LibertyCon 2019!

CLFA Book Sale! Get ready for LibertyCon 2019!

With LibertyCon 2019 almost upon us, we CLFA authors are only too chuffed to support LibertyCon 2019, and so we’re having a nifty little book sale. Some of the below authors even plan to attend the con (not me, alas), so what better time to catch up on their work?

Check out the popular titles listed in the CLFA post (including mine!) and click through to get a great deal.