Pssst – sharing a secret! Sale price despite the sale being over!

The $0.99 sale of Sword’s Edge was over at the end of July, and although the prices have reverted to what they’re supposed to be everywhere else, Amazon still has the ebook at the sale price, even though I’ve gone through the process of having it changed back to the normal price twice now.


Here’s a last chance to grab the Kindle version of the book at sale price. Yeah, I’m losing money if folks follow through, but I’d rather have my books out there and enjoyed. So – enjoy!

Sword's Edge

Tam’s youth and self-doubt conspire against her. Taken from her mountain home, she is recruited as a spy. Her strength, love of kin, and her very identity are tested by a siege, traitorous lords, and a murderous plot against her family. Tragedy strikes, and with the help of a mysterious alien relic, she must undertake a dangerous mission. Can this young lass succeed or will the assassins at her heels cost her all?

A powerful tale seemingly set in a world of medieval fantasy, but with roots in science fiction.

(No, I don’t know how long it will stay at the sale price before Amazon resets the price to normal, so grab it while you can. Like I said, I’ve gone through the process twice to have the price put back to $5.99 and received confirmation in emails that it’s been done, but it’s not showing up. ๐Ÿ™„ )



Unlikely Prophet – the newest book in the Sword’s Edge Chronicles

If you liked Sword’s Edge, and perhaps have even read Children of the Enaisi, you will probably like the prequel Unlikely Prophet. If you haven’t read the other novels in the series, this one can be read as a stand alone. It has elements of dystopian, alien contact, and colonization sub-genres. Not to mention fun things like living in domes and portals which allow one to walk from world to world. ๐Ÿ™‚


Their planet is dying. The people are forced to retreat to living in domes to escape the toxic atmosphere, but between earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, how long can they last? Hope gone, theyโ€™ve turned on each other in anger and despair. Security Chief Avadhron struggles to keep order out of a sense of duty, but he has no more optimism than anyone else.
The long-dormant portal activates, ushering in the arrival of an alien. Is he of the race his people call the Elders? The ones who dumped them on this unstable planet and deserted them?
Avadhron doesnโ€™t trust this alien or his offers of help, but reluctantly is forced to back the plan which would move his people through the portal to a new planet, but can they learn the survival skills necessary to live on this new world? And is it already too late? Can they move an entire population before their planet destroys itself?

Check it out.

Counting down – Sword’s Edge still on sale for a few more days!

Counting down to the end of the month! Sword’s Edge will only be on sale for $0.99 for a little while longer!

Science fiction author P.M. Griffin writes:

“…The characters are soundly crafted… The society is complex and intriguing; the action scenes are detailed and well described. I look forward to reading the rest of this fine series.”

Check it out before the price goes up!

Sword's Edge

Reposting: Jimbo’s WorldCon Follies

I couldn’t say it better, so why try?

Jimbo’s Awesome SFF Book and Movie Reviews: WorldCon Follies says it perfectly.

And again, I’m going to point out that you can get SF entertainment without any preachy or politically correct stuff in my books. Escape this world and its craziness for a bit in Loriendil’s Dreamland. (Don’t forget, Sword’s Edge is on sale for a few more days for just $0.99!)


If you liked Pern, you’ll like Sword’s Edge

A bold statement, I know, to compare my book to Anne McCaffrey’s!

But do you like a mix of science fiction and fantasy? Sword’s Edge offers a bit of both. A medieval-ish world that has all the trappings of a fantasy story: swords, capes, castles, a siege, not to mention royalty, heroic rescuesโ€”all the things you expect in a traditional fantasy.

The comparison has been made to Pern: an agrarian society settled onto a colony planet, its past forgotten.

But there are no dragons in Sword’s Edge, just science, tucked away and forbidden for hundreds of years.

Check it out!


Reminder: Sword’s Edge on Sale for $0.99 in July

In case you missed it, or forgot: for the month of July, the first book of the Sword’s Edge Chronicles is on sale for a mere $0.99!

Treason brings a young lass’s desperate thane to her mountain home, where she is recruited as a spy. A siege, traitorous lords, and a scheme to kill her thane test her strength, her love of her kin, and her alien blood. With the help of a mysterious alien relic, she undertakes a dangerous mission. Can she succeed or will the assassins tracking her cost her all?

A powerful tale seemingly set in a world of medieval fantasy, but with roots in science fiction.

Sword's Edge

Check out Sword’s Edge while on sale, and if you like it, you just might like to catch up on the series before the next book is released this autumn!

Available in a variety of ebook formats!